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Choice overload is real, and so our buying guides are here to help you stop scrolling and start buying. Packed with helpful hints, concise comparisons, and industry know-hows, we aim to banish indecision and help you make the right choice for you, without too much deliberation.

8th August 2022

What Is A Tumbler Drinking Glass & Why Choose One?

We think the humble tumbler drinking glass is, for many, as much a part of our daily lives as a toothbrush or bed sheets. But why has it become...

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Hartman Westbury bistro table with flowers placed on coffee table 3rd August 2022

The Inside Out Living Small Conservatory Furniture Ideas

Maximise the space available & create a blissful set up with our top 5 small conservatory furniture ideas that are just as practical as they are stylish.

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Burnham dining chairs in mink with natural wood legs placed on a wooden floor 28th July 2022

Compared: Contemporary Dining Chairs & Rustic Dining Chairs

Can't decide between contemporary & rustic dining chairs? Why not have the best of both worlds? Find out more about our rustic & contemporary dining chairs.

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19th July 2022

We Pick Our 5 Favourite Decorative Wine Glasses

Decorative wine glasses are a fabulous way to revitalise your glassware and provide a wonderful excuse to host friends or family.

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14th July 2022

IOL’s Best Outdoor Seating For Small Spaces: 2022 Buying Guide

Struggling to find furniture that fits whilst still looking stylish? We've got plenty of solutions. Discover our best outdoor seating for small spaces here.

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Kettler Palma corner set placed in a conservatory with ornaments, vase and a bowl placed on the table 7th July 2022

We Take A Deeper Look At The Benefits Of The Kettler Palma Corner Set

Looking for the perfect garden furniture set? The Kettler Palma corner set might just tick all of your boxes. Find out its main benefits here.

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28th June 2022

How To Pick The Perfect Sun Lounger For Summer 2022

Any pro sunbather requires the ultimate sun lounger. Find the perfect sun lounger to suit your requirements this summer with our practical guide.

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24th June 2022

Every Kettler Wooden Garden Furniture Set On IOL Reviewed

This year we’ve brought together a beautiful collection of Kettler wooden garden furniture, we take an honest look at these for your benefit. Interested in seeing what’s on offer?...

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Small mossy plant pot and large mossy plant pot with plant placed inside on a wooden sideboard 21st June 2022

How To Choose Pots For Indoor Plants : A Buyer’s Guide

Ensure your favourite houseplants stay happy & healthy, whilst looking good in the process with our top tips on how to choose pots for indoor plants.

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8th June 2022

When Is The Best Time To Buy Garden Furniture?

If you’re looking to give your garden a bit of a makeover in time for the warm weather, then you...

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14th March 2022

Why coloured glassware is the new-retro trend we all needed in 2022

Looking Back to Look Forward; A Tantalising Tint Some home trends are impossible to predict, some are born out of...

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dried pressed flowers arranged in a circle on a white background 1st March 2022

Our Top 5 Favourite Spring Decor Ideas For 2022

With spring just around the corner it’ll soon be time to say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to...

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