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Here you can browse all tableware collections,  find fine dining plates, salad plates, bowls and mugs. Enjoy the tasteful shades of these curated collections that keep in step with current trend but offer enduring pieces for hosting and everyday life. With unique ceramic reactive glaze finishes and fine porcelain there’s also dining sets to suit any dining table, or occasion.

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Argyll Collection

The Argyll collection comprises of elegant dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and a beautiful small jug. Find options for your dining table in this reactive glaze finished collection. With its distinctive milky blue finish, no one item is the same with unique markings and dimples that add charm and texture.

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Argyll Tableware

Sherwood Collection

The high sheen glaze and rustic colour combinations of the Sherwood collection help it stand apart from the crowd. Pick from a neutral sandstone or earthy green shade in dinner plates, side plates and two sizes of bowls. With its integrally rich patina achieved through a reactive glaze finishing in the kiln, no one piece is exactly the same displaying unique markings and dimples. This collection will add looks, but also quality and function, to your dining table.

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Sherwood Tableware

Mercia Collection

Delight in the washed out coastal tones of the Mercia collection. This extensive range of delicate feeling plates, bowls and mugs are bright and breezey in feel but bring all the integral quality that ceramic tableware offers. Choose from two shades; the seashore inspired Ocean Blue and the hazy afternoon glow of the Sea Salt. A dip glazed finish gives each piece a slightly unique appearance, this collection is sure to breathe life into your dining set up.

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Florence Collection

Find your new classic tableware in the Florence collection. A distinctive all white ceramic collection of dinner plates, side plates and serving trays that are sure to insert some sophistication to your dining table. The range is as much European inspired as it is modern-classic, benefitting from a characteristic beaded rim, which adds an element of playfulness to this classy tableware collection.

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Delamere Collection

Delamere quickly became a favourite in our collections amongst our team and customer base alike. It’s easy to see the draw of this tableware, with its proud speckles and appealing neutrality. It also offers full table coverage with dinner plates, side plates, deep bowls, shallow bowls, mugs and even a high rise jar. The defining speckles are a product of its reactive glaze production, meaning no one piece is exactly the same, each displays charming markings and dimples. This dinnerware is truly trans-seasonal.

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