Our indoor plants are crucial members of the household, with many of us probably spending a lot more time and money than we’d care to admit investing in their growth (literally). It’s only right that a good looking houseplant deserves a good looking pot to match, however, it’s not all about looks. Your choice of pot also plays a big role in ensuring the health and happiness of your favourite plants This is how to choose pots for indoor plants that are just as stylish as they are practical:


Indoor pot plants come in all different shapes and sizes. Perhaps too many in fact. This isn’t just to confuse us, it’s actually to cater for the diverse range of houseplants and their individual needs. If a plant is in the wrong sized pot, it can cause serious health issues. Pots that are too small can restrict the roots, whilst  pots that are too big can lead to root rot due to excess soil and moisture. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a mathematics buff to work out the right sized pot,  luckily  there is a general rule of thumb that you can use to guide you. This is to choose a pot that has an opening that’s approximately 1cm larger than the plant’s grow pot. For larger plants, you can add about 2-3cm without the pot being too big.

Marton Plant Pot Small Stone on a wooden table
Mossy Plant Pot Small Off White on a wooden surface


The next step in how to choose pots for indoor plants is selecting the right material. Whilst it’s all too easy to get distracted by finding the most decorative home for your new greenery, the choice of material is actually pretty  important for plant health. Why? This is because it impacts the moisture conditions for the plant. Porous materials, like ceramic and terracotta are perfect for most indoor plants, as they allow moisture and air to pass through easily. This gives the roots the breathing space that they need, whilst preventing root rot, which, let’s be honest, is unpleasant for both plant and plant parent to deal with. Metal and plastic pots on the other hand are less porous, which can cause issues, particularly if plants are being over watered.


A common (and important) question that people often ask when determining how to choose pots for indoor plants is “does my pot need to have drainage?”. As we alluded to a second ago, it’s important that your plant doesn’t become waterlogged as this can cause the roots to start decaying. Indoor plant pots with drainage are useful for ensuring excess moisture escapes, however this isn’t essential. If you’ve fallen in love with a decorative planter that doesn’t have its own drainage there are easy ways around this. If your plant is in its own grow pot inside of the decorative pot, you can simply take it out every time you water it, and water it over the sink. Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little more crafty, you can place a layer of drainage rocks at the bottom of the pot with a layer of activated charcoal on the top. It might seem like a strange combination, but trust us on this one… Activated charcoal works wonders to improve drainage and balance the PH of the soil, whilst also absorbing nasty toxins and odours. (Not all heroes wear capes).


Introducing greenery into the home has many practical benefits. Aside from improving indoor air quality, it is also said to boost personal productivity which is a blessing for anyone still trying to work from home. However, the simple fact is that house plants also just look really good, instantly bringing freshness and a touch of the outdoors into any interior space. So, it’s only right that you find planters that reflect the natural beauty of the greenery in your home. Choosing the best style is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Terracotta and neutral ceramic plant pots are timeless options as they beautifully offset the vivid green of the leaves. Textured pots are another great option for adding interest. This is what we love about the unique finish of the Chelburn plant pot. For larger plants, such as monsteras or palms, woven baskets add a gorgeous rustic finish to this natural decor.

small chelburn plant pot and large chelburn plant pot on a wooden floor
Haldon rattan basket planter set of three stacked up and placed on a grey background

For more of the best tips & tricks on how to choose pots for indoor plants, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the IOL team.



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