A tumbler drinking glass can be defined as a round flat-bottomed water glass, often shorter and significantly wider than other styles of glass, whilst it remains one of the most popular drinking glasses for daily use. Various designs range from smooth, ridged, hammered and coloured glass tumblers. The tumbler is very much a home glassware essential.

We think the humble tumbler drinking glass is, for many, as much a part of our daily lives as a toothbrush or bed sheets. But why has it become the default glass for any and all drinks throughout our day to day? In essence it’s down to its practical shape, volume accommodation and hardiness. So, what sets it apart?

Tumbler glass perfection

Taste, preference, decor coordination and of course practicality play into what makes the tumbler a perfect glass for daily home use. The endless style options available also drive its popularity. Size is also a factor, whilst many tend to be shorter and stout, the highball tumbler has also gained popularity, taller than its original yet not slender or especially tall, holding the perfect hydration-break measure of fluid. Then there’s the sturdy and hardwearing properties of a tumbler, the glass thickness tends to be on the thicker side and therefore weathers continual cleaning, via dishwasher or by hand.

Coloured glass tumblers & the textured tumbler glass

Specifically in 2022 we’re noticing a resurgence in regard for coloured glass tumblers, these of course were once essential home glassware throughout the 60’s and 70’s and then faded in popularity. However, the options and styles are now numerous for style conscious homes, ranging from gorgeous tints, graduating in colour and block coloured examples. Then there’s fabulous hammered glass designs, dimpled in appearance and as chic as they are memorable. The glass tumbler is now again reinvigorated with a worthy nod to decades of old, but pleasingly updated for modern home decor.



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