When the White and Grey dining table debuted on Inside Out Living in 2019, with two sizes options to chose from, 1.6 metre or 2 metre. It rapidly became a classic in our ranges. The instantly recognisable white frame and distinctly grey tabletop combination helped it stand apart in many ways. But it also fitted seamlessly into the IOL catalogue with some key similarities with other ranges, notably its rustic leanings and pine construction. Almost four years later and the dining range holds strong as an important part in our dining collections. But, what exactly differentiates it from its contemporaries and why might this style of furniture work for your home? Today, we will take a closer look.

Distinct Tonal Differences

Sweet and salty, night and day, yin and yang, sunlight and fog – the white and grey dining range sticks in our collective consciousness’ for the same reason as all of these things – balance. The bright white of the table bases, and indeed benches, offset against the earthy grey finished surfaces create an intriguing combination that essentially strikes a desirable visual balance. It just works, and truly there’s no need to over-investigate the reason why; as the two tones of wood simply sit together like they were always meant to do so.

How Is The White and Grey Dining Table Constructed?

The tables and benches in this gorgeous range are made entirely of pine. A timber noted for its durability, looks and versatility. In fact, if you have a hankering to find out more about this popular timber please read our recent blog post on this material. This responsibly sourced pine forms the chunky base of this table and tabletop, the surface is cut to a thickness notably thinner than the base, which offsets the traditional base. This base is notable for its rural feeling cross detailing at either end, a charming detail which is carried over to the two dining benches. The bases have been lavishly painted several coats of bright white paint which again offsets perfectly against the earthy grey of the table top. This tabletop is dyed the interesting and varied grey patina shade, and is then lacquered to seal in its quality, which in turn also adds to its appealing complexion. The same is completely true of the benches, the dining chairs are a little different, but no less higher quality. Inside Out living will cover the White and Grey dining chair collection in more detail in a future blog post.

white and grey extendable dining table with crockery and glassware sat atop of its grey tabletop
side angle of white and grey extendable dining table showing cross base and grey table top
angled shot of grey tabletop of a white and grey extendable dining table

What Style Is This Furniture Exactly?

Rural modern. We believe the White and Grey dining table is a highly successful fusion of rural chic or a ‘traditional farmhouse’ aesthetic with modern looks and sentiment. It’s a charming piece with modern touches and construction to appreciate. That said, we think this pine dining table, and resulting collection, leans into the rural more so than the modern, ever so slightly. Its cross base speaks to this. If wanting an equal parts modern to rural dining set, you may want to check out the Modern Farmhouse collection

Does It Easily Extend?

Absolutely. Inside Out Living has proudly assembled all dining collections to offer this functionality. We believe not just in effortless style but also everyday practicality. The White and Grey dining table therefore can be extended with the separately purchased extension leaf, which completely matches the tabletop. The leaf, or leaves, easily fix into place with two rails that slot into brackets underneath the dining table and those rails can be stored in the brackets, under the table, when not in use. Just store the actual leaf when not in use. 1 extension leaf added will seat 2 extra people, or 3 with somebody placed at the end. Meaning the largest table (2 metre) with 2 leaves inserted can seat as many as 12 people. Ideal for large family feasting or hosting that long overdue dinner party.

Will It Suit My Home/Style?

That totally depends. It depends on your home decor style or if in the midst of a re-decoration project –  your prospective style. We see the White and Grey dining table fitting in best with modern homes that have a flavour of, or a nod to, some rural stylings. Thankfully the neutrality of the white base, and certainly the grey tabletop, lend themselves perfectly to pair with any number of themes. But, ultimately it’s completely a personal preference and there is never any right or wrong when it comes to home styling. Go with your gut!

Why Invest In A Pine Dining Table?

Quality, quality, quality. The innate integrity of these pine tables is unquestionable. The craftsmanship and attention to detail with the white and grey range, and indeed all of our dining ranges, are a key reason people snap these up season on season. Of course, a rather large mention to the enduring style and popular textures and shades also, as this always seems to turn heads too.

That concludes our run down on the White and Grey dining table. Perhaps you already own one? Share your photos of your space on Instagram or Facebook and tag @ioliving, what’s more if you’ve purchased something from Inside Out Living that’s pictured and also include the tag  #mioliving, you stand to win a £100 voucher. T&C’s found here. Good Luck!



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