Choosing a new dining table is no mean feat. Between the many options of styles, materials and preferred price point it can feel a tad overwhelming. So today we’re stepping in to shine a light on the beautiful world of pine dining tables on Inside Out Living, helping you decide if the missing piece of your dining-room-puzzle is one of these fine timber tables. Let’s get to it.

Modern farmhouse table top with plates
wood dining table with white base and grey tablet tops with two matching benches in dusky lit room

Why consider pine over other timbers?

Pine is a very popular wood used in furnishings and decor, there’s several reasons for its glowing reputation in home goods. Below we take a brief delve into these.



Pine by nature generally offers a natural lighter tone, if left as-is. This in itself can appeal to many, allowing it to blend into existing decor with ease. It can also be easily dyed to whichever colour is desired, meaning there’s a great selection of tonal options for any home available that have been pre-colour treated. Alternatively, taking the plunge and dying by your own hand is also an option. It’s also versatile because pine is so largely used within furniture, there are many options to think over.


Stiffness & durability

It’s a strong and durable material too, which is why many pine dining tables can go for years and years. Specifically it’s a material known for its stiffness, allowing a good solid weight bearing characteristic. Granted, it isn’t as dense and therefore it’s not as solid as oak or even beech, but what it does offer is fantastic durability with just a little bit of upkeep at a more palatable price tag, which leads us to…


Price point

Yes, it’s a shade cheaper than oak and other notables such as elm. This is because it’s a more prevalent species and therefore easier to source, it is faster grown and is often done so easily in plantations or farms. It’s usually new growth forests that provide timber for furniture which leads us to our next point…


Lesser environmental impact

Pine has a lesser environmental impact than other timbers, this is because it is generally taken from new growth forests which are then replanted, and regrow relatively quickly. Other timbers, such as oak, are often sourced from older growth trees (unless a reclaimed timber), a practice that is more detrimental to the wider environment, and therefore their price point reflects this.


Easy maintenance

A pine dining table and chairs will offer little in the way of effort to maintain. Just some routine dusting on a weekly basis and paper towel or sponging of any spillages. A treated finish or even a lacquer/wax is often used to coat many a modern dining table set, so wiping down is usually enough to tackle surface spillages. Pine can also look really desirable as it ages with any knocks or dinks it receives over the years easily smoothed over and buffed with a refinishing product to merge it nicely with the table’s overall aesthetic, only looking better with age in most cases.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Table

What better place to start than with the best selling indoor furniture range on Inside Out Living. Modern Farmhouse is probably best known for its adored rustic meets contemporary looks. With a chunky pine worktop that’s been treated to bring out rich brown hues, this surface is not only found on the tables but the accompanying benches too. These pine dining tables are set on equally chunky pine frames which have been painted a putty tone. Its neutral colour palette means it slides into many people’s homes with ease. It comes in two sizes, both of which are able to extend with the purchase of 1 or 2 extension leaves. Seating therefore ranges from 4 people (with the smaller model and no extension leaf/leaves) all the way up to 12 when the larger table is sporting 2 leaves. These are also available in sets with pine dining table and chairs paired together. As such hosting is most definitely on the table, if you see what we mean.

White & Grey Dining Table

Another popular choice is the instantly recognisable White & Grey Dining Table. Added a season after Modern Farmhouse, these pine dining tables soon became a fantastic alternative to its cousin with some key differences in form and function. Firstly, it offers a more rustic or classic feel in some ways, with a bright white painted base that’s characterised by a charming cross base. The table top is a shade slimmer than the farmhouse dining table and instead offers an enduring earthy grey tone surface. Its bright but beautiful colour palette and useful features mean it’s happy sliding into modern homes that value looks as well as function. Available in two sizes and as sets, they’re able to extend with extension leaves, to be purchased separately. With a leaf/leaves in situ there’s seating options in the two table sizes from 4 people all the way to 12. Family feasting and bites with the besties are no match for this all rounder!

White and Grey extendable dining table set placed in a light room with vase on the table and rattan lampshade hung overhead

Urban Dining Table

Lastly, refresh and refine your dining decor with the altogether cool calm and collected Urban range. These pine dining tables offer an industrial chic for your home with a raw feeling (yet oddly warming) metal base. Atop of these black coated steel bases sits a big old slab of lacquer treated pine. This chunky surface is a lighter tone natural brown and brings a certain organic element into the package, the lacquer not only protects but brings out the natural tones beneath. Available in two sizes and add-on extension leaves are sold separately to boost seating when the time calls for it. Paired with the chic Gaudi chair it creates perhaps the most modern dining table set on IOL. We’re all for this tables’ mantra: less is more.

Urban dining table set with dining bench and fabric chairs placed in a room with industrial style decor

We hope we were able to serve up some pine tables for consideration in your home. If you have specific questions on any product found on Inside Out Living, don’t hesitate to reach out to our attentive customer care team who will be very happy to answer these



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