We spend a huge proportion of our lives sitting at the dinner table enjoying delicious food and drinks, which is why choosing the best dining table for your home is such a big decision. If you’re torn between which is better, round or rectangular dining tables, the following guide should help you out. Both round and rectangular dining tables make stylish and practical additions to the living space. However, when deciding which is the better option for your home, it always helps to take into account the following factors. 

The size of the roomModern Farmhouse Extending Dining Table Set (2m)

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your table is the capacity of the room. As a general rule, round tables are better for rooms where space is at a premium. Round edges make the table look more compact than rectangular dining tables, which is perfect for making the surrounding room look more spacious. On the other hand, in very large rooms, rectangular dining tables are usually the better option for filling the space, where round tables can feel lost.

In larger rooms, more dominant rectangular dining tables such as our Modern Farmhouse rectangular extendable dining table are best for filling the space and creating a focal point in the room.  Extendable dining tables are also a great option for small spaces. Something like the Bergen round extendable dining table is a subtle addition to the living space that can be tucked away compactly and extended when you have a larger number of guests to seat. 

Aruba Small Dining TableThe shape of the room

Would you like the table to create a point of contrast in the room or would you like it to flow with the rest of the room? Placing a rectangular dining table in a room with sharp edges and corners will create a streamlined look, where all elements of furniture are coordinated. Alternatively placing a round table in a rectangular room can create an interesting point of contrast that draws the eye to the table as the focal point. The Aruba small dining table features a statement brass metal frame and white concrete table top that’s perfect for creating a fashionable focal point in small or large living spaces. 

In a room with very soft edges and features, a round table will be complementary whilst a rectangular dining table can be used to create a point of difference. Both styles look great. Ultimately the decision depends on whether you want to achieve a coordinated, streamlined look or if you’d like to create different areas of interest within the room.


Urban Extendable Dining table (1.6m)

Aside from dining, what else will you use the table for? For example, will you also use the table to work from or for the kids to do their homework from? Do you need a dining table that is functional all the time or will it be more of a decorative centerpiece that you can use to display vases and candles? These are all important questions to consider when determining whether a round or rectangular dining table is most suitable. If you require lots of space to work from then a rectangular dining table is likely to be the better option. Our Classic rectangular extendable dining table seats up to 6 people offering plenty of space to eat or work from, and benefits from a wax coated table top that offers protection from spillages and other damage. If you’ll be using the table for dining purposes only, something compact like the Barcelona oak round dining table is ideal, and particularly well suited to smaller spaces and apartment living. 

Barcelona Round Dining TableFormal vs casual

When thinking about what you will use the table for, another important factor to take into account is whether you’ll be doing more formal or casual dining. Of course, you can dress any table up to be more formal, however, generally speaking, it’s easier to make a rectangular dining table feel more formal. That’s because we associate rectangular dining tables with having a ‘head of the table’. Featuring an intricate design carved into the table frame, the Atlantic rectangular extendable dining table looks particularly elegant when dressed up for formal dining occasions. Round dining tables, on the other hand, encourage intimacy, creating a more relaxed dining atmosphere. 

Hopefully these tips will have you well on your way to finding the perfect table to suit your requirements. However, if you’d like a little more guidance on choosing between round vs rectangular dining tables, take a look at our ‘Buyer’s Guide To Dining Tables & Chairs’.



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