A table top fire pit is the perfect way to create ambience in your garden and extend those long summer evenings that we all crave. If you are lucky enough to have a fire pit table, or you are considering purchasing one in the future, you should know that a table top fire pit does come along with some general maintenance in order for it to keep operating at its best. Cleaning the actual gas fire pit should be conducted annually for safety and operational purposes. If in the unlikely event when cleaning you discover that some of your parts need replacing, you should refer to your manual that will come along with your beautiful garden furniture set. To help out, we’ve put together the Inside Out Living essential fire pit table care guide.

Check All Key Components

As your fire pit table top is made up out of a series of components, look out for any damage, rust, debris to any of the garden furniture set. Look for any damage to the supply gas line- dents, kinks, cuts, abrasions that could lead to failure. Inspect the main control valve and the gas lines connecting it to the burner orifice. Check the orifice, air shutter and burner manifold for rust damage, debris or blockages, and clean or repair as needed. That said, fire pit table care isn’t always this straightforward and if you are ever uncertain or still think something is wrong, please do contact a certified gas engineer.

Give Your Fire Pit A Deep Clean

Give the burner itself a good cleaning to make the stainless steel shine. A simple solution of soap and water will do the trick, with time for it to air dry. If your fire pit is cast iron, concrete, or stone, check with your installer for their recommended cleaning method.

Cleaning The Ceramic Table Top

Ceramic table tops are very low maintenance and should not require any fancy techniques or expensive cleaning products. Most stains can be removed with water and ordinary, gentle dishwashing detergent and a sponge. For more stubborn stains, a dab of concentrated detergent can be effective. Always wipe the table down afterwards with a clean cloth. It is important to note that you should avoid using ammonia-based products, as ammonia can break down the sealant between your garden furniture and the ceramic tabletop. This will affect both the durability and usability of your garden furniture set as the top may become wobbly. Ensure that you are careful when cleaning your ceramic table top, and the gas fire is not lit, as some cleaning products can be extremely flammable.

Light It Up

Now it’s time to fire up the fire pit. Making sure the ignitor is working properly is an essential yet often overlooked aspect of fire pit table care. You should know where the spark electrodes are on the burners and be able to see if there is a good spark to ignite the gas before you turn it on. Always make sure all control knobs are in the off position and any burner covers are removed and the burner is open before attempting to ignite your fire.

Ensure Your Fire Pit Table Top Is Covered When Not Used

Always make sure when purchasing any garden furniture that you purchase some protective covers. This is the best way to try and protect your beautiful garden furniture from getting weather damaged – and it will also make sure that all of your hard work in cleaning your fire pit table top isn’t undone!

Fire Pit Tables At Inside Out Living

Inside Out Living has fallen in love with fire pit tables and one of our most popular is the Bramblecrest Monterey fire pit table. It’s not just the fire that will have your guests talking, this garden dining sofa set benefits from large plump charcoal season-proof cushions, meaning comfort is assured. Two benches also have the same plump cushions. Practically too this rattan outdoor furniture is ready for the rigours of life outdoors, the nature of the resin rattan weave means this set will stand up to the elements. The season-proof cushions have a level of water repellency, remain water stain and frost resistant, we just recommend storing in strong deluges and throughout the winter months.

Hartman Atlas Fire pit table Another of our most stunning is the Kettler Palma fire pit table. The most innovative feature of this firepit garden dining set is the ability to completely store away the fixture; simply detach the guard then slide the hideaway lid onto the opening. This helpfully opens up the entire table surface to full capacity for dining or lounging. The gas container is also hidden away conveniently inside of the table’s base, whilst the easy-use controls are located discreetly on the rattan table side.

The newest addition to our table top fire pit collection is the Hartman Atlas square gas fire pit casual dining set. An inbuilt gas-fuelled fire pleasingly appears through the centre of the dining table, ensuring warmth and a flickering spectacle. A handy four-sided glass guard protects the seated from overexposure and the naked flames from any wind. The gas propane tank is easily connected and disconnected beneath the table with a wheel mounted extractable base, and hidden by a small hinged opening. This truly is a magnificent addition to any outdoor garden space.



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