If you’re looking to invest in some new outdoor heating for your patio then you’ll be wanting to find the most cost-effective, versatile and efficient option. The big question when it comes to sourcing the best outdoor heating for your garden is ‘are electric patio heaters better than gas?’. To answer this question properly, let’s take a look at how electric and gas patio heaters compare under the following criteria:


When asked are electric patio heaters better than gas, one of the main factors we point to is cost. In this category, electric patio heaters certainly come out on top. Whilst gas heaters can cost over a pound per hour to run, electric alternatives cost as little as 30p an hour. Why are gas heaters more expensive? Well, that’s because they’re less efficient, which brings us to our next point…

Kettler Plush Electric Heater For Table Top placed on outdoor table set on garden patio in daytimeEfficiency

Gas heaters use convection to heat the air around them and produce the warmth you require for your patio. Electric heaters, on the other hand, provide radiant heat meaning that they heat objects directly rather than heating the surrounding air. As such, radiant heaters, like those powered by electricity, are usually better for heating larger gardens. So when it comes to answering ‘are electric patio heaters better than gas?’ efficiency is a big factor to take into consideration.

Environmental Impact

Due to their lack of efficiency, gas heaters are a lot less eco-friendly than electric ones. They also produce CO2 whilst electric patio heaters run without producing any harmful by-products. Of course, electric heaters use electricity meaning they’re certainly not free from having any environmental impact, however, when it comes to which is the better option for the planet, electric trumps gas based on efficiency and emissions.

Ease of use

Both electric and gas outdoor heaters are relatively simple to use. It is however worth noting that outdoor heaters powered by gas can take a little while to heat up, whereas outdoor electric heaters provide instant heat as soon as you turn them on. So are electric patio heaters better than gas for ease of use? All you need to do is switch them on and off for instant heat so we would say yes, they certainly are.

Kettler Copper Standing Floor Heater in garden space next to houseVersatility

Many gas patio heaters can be bulky and look out of place in a stylish patio space. On the other hand, outdoor electric heaters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs to suit your individual garden space. Heaters powered by electricity can be free-standing, placed on a table or even mounted to the wall or ceiling. IO Living’s diverse range of Kettler patio heaters features a range of styles from our Kettler Copper patio lantern to our Kettler copper standing floor heater.

Heat Output

As we touched on at the beginning of this article, the means by which gas heaters warm the air around them is generally less efficient than electric. We also find that because of the radiant heat expelled from electric patio heaters, their output and range is farther reaching. The selection available through Inside Out Living boasts outputs ranging from 1200 watts all the way to an impressive 3000 watts. Many also have variable settings allowing switching between heat intensity. Long electric cords of up to 1.8 metres also allow for freedom to place where desired.

So, Are Electric Patio Heaters Better Than Gas?

By this point, you’ve probably guessed that our answer is a resounding yes. In terms of cost, efficiency and versatility, it’s really a no brainer.

That being said, don’t just take our word for it! If you’re still unsure whether electric patio heaters better than gas, browse the full range of Kettler patio heaters at IO Living and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect outdoor heating solution for your garden space.



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