As much as we would love the balmy temperatures of the early Spring to continue throughout the Summer, the reality of living in this part of the world means being prepared for mixed conditions. However, garden socialising doesn’t have to grind to a halt. To combat the colder snaps and brisk evenings, we’re unveiling a warming range of new Kettler patio heaters! Amongst the chic garden heating options are tall standing adjustable head heaters, lower standing lanterns and even exciting multi-use heating-lighting-audio towers. Today, we pick out just 5 of our favourites and go through why we think these outdoor heating ideas will boost garden socialising this year.

Kettler Copper Standing Floor Heater

Thinking of garden heaters likely conjures images of unsightly cubes or big clunky looking umbrella shapes. Cast those ideas aside, because 2021’s Kettler patio heaters are chic, non-invasive and add style as well as warmth. The Kettler patio heater pictured is the elegant Copper Standing Floor Heater, with a memorable design that not only looks fabulous with a sleek tinged copper design, but emits up to an impressive 2500 watts of heat. This makes the Kettler Copper Standing Floor Heater the most powerful amongst this new collection. Standing at over 2 metres, it will nicely clear garden furniture arrangements but also never fall short when it comes to heat coverage. The output can be adjusted by remote control and allows a 3-setting heat range starting at 1000 watts. Its head also tilts so manoeuvre it to optimum output easily (before turning it on).

Kettler Plush Floor Standing Heater

Kettler Plush Electric Floor Standing Heater on garden patio next to outdoor dining set with fire pitMaybe you’re looking for an altogether different type of standing heater? The Kettler Plush Floor Standing Heater will suit many stylish garden spaces, boasting a unique and refined lamp head design that’s made of fire-retardant rope. This design helps direct the heat downwards and outwards, splaying glowing warmth onto those seated below. At 2100 watts output, choose between three heat settings beginning at 900 watts. This Kettler patio heater will provide plenty of glow for your guests over an expanse of up to 2 metres. Handily there’s also an LED light built into the heating grate, to illuminate events into the evening hours. This lamp heater goes especially well with Kettler rattan garden furniture, such as the Palma and Charlbury ranges.

Kettler Copper Pendant Heater

Kettler Copper Pendant Hanging Heater on outdoor patio next to houseHeaters up high don’t even necessarily need to be floor standing! Hanging sources of warmth are fantastic outdoor heating ideas. The Kettler Copper Pendant Hanging Heater is perfect for those truly looking for a heater that doesn’t take over their space. This unassuming yet robust design is especially ideal for those with pergolas or an outdoor structure. The mobility of this heater is also a bonus, small and agile enough to be transported if needed. Although compact, it packs a punch with 3 heat settings going up to an impressive 2100 watts. We think this electric outdoor heater looks excellent with any set from the Kettler Palma garden furniture range especially.

Kettler Copper Patio Garden Lantern LargeKettler Copper Patio Lantern Large 2000W on garden patio with plants and outdoor chair

It’s time to bring these outdoor heating ideas back down to earth. This Kettler patio heater sits proudly upon the ground and is likely to suit many garden arrangements. The lantern design finished in copper is as timeless as it is practical. With a stylish carry handle that enables easy placement, it’s the largest out of 3 siblings. It will go alongside Kettler rattan garden furniture just as well as aluminium and emits a powerful 2000 watt. The cylindrical design and rose gold glow tube of the Kettler Copper Patio Garden Lantern range have an attractive low glow and deliver even circular heat coverage. A thin grate and fancy IP55 ingress rating, means it’s highly resistant against dust and moisture.

Kettler Ibiza Floor Standing 1800W Heater with LED and Bluetooth Speaker

Kettler Ibiza Floor Standing 1800W Heater with LED and Bluetooth Speaker next to 3000W Heater in front of grey wallBringing this Kettler patio heater roundup into the evening hours is this exciting multi-use standing heater-come-light-come-speaker. Yes, you read that correctly! This ingenious item will link via Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices and play party tunes through its inbuilt speaker. Outdoor heating ideas don’t come much more vibrant, nor multi-use. A notable 1800 watt heat output comes through its carbon rose gold tube and atop of the tower you’ll find an LED light band, meaning when the sun goes in the evening can continue. This light has different settings, including strobe! It also includes a remote control so the DJ can control all three features. Place alongside any Kettler outdoor furniture to bring the evening to life. It’s also available in a taller 3000 watt version for further reaching heat output.



If a source of heat is something you’re considering for your outdoor space this year, Kettler patio heaters offer an abundance of choice and styles. The above are just 5 of many that we’ve selected to cover, please stay tuned for future features here including Kettler fire pits, parasols and more.



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