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The White and Grey reclaimed furniture range is truly one of our favourite collections, a view that tends to be shared by our customers. It is very easy to see why; appealing rural charm is woven into the very essence of this rustic furniture, but it’s also the modern touches and features which seem to tick the boxes. Shabby chic decor has long held popularity in many peoples’ homes, going beyond a simple trend or fad. Breathing some rustic allure into the home represents a lovely way to firstly tie the outdoors with the indoors, but also tugs on a kind of time-honoured nostalgia for the peace and tranquility of the pastoral existence. So, today we’re taking a little revisiting-delve into why these reclaimed dining tables, storage units and living room tables are a welcome addition to so many homes.


What exactly is reclaimed furniture?

Simply put; it’s recycled wood that’s been repurposed from its original use. Pine is the wood of choosing in the case of the White and Grey Range, along with Modern Farmhouse and the Wiltshire range, to name just a few. It’s a practice of furniture construction that supports and promotes eco-friendly homes and sustainability, generally. Today we see most reclaimed furniture wood taken from old barns, factories or warehouses – which in turn lends itself nicely to the aesthetic of shabby chic decor. More often than not the wood isn’t the raw product that’s taken from its origin use, instead carefully treated, de-nailed and inspected to meet quality standards. If wanting to find out more about reclaimed wood and its uses/benefits please read our recent blog article.


White and Grey Reclaimed Dining Tables

The White and Grey Extending Dining Table 1.6mSurely the backbone of this much loved collection are the dining options. For many the activity hub of a household is the kitchen or dining room. A dining table can therefore often become the default focal point. Not only should it look the part, but this surface also needs to stand up to daily wear for years, if not decades. Fortunately, one of the key benefits to reclaimed furniture is its hardy and durable qualities. This is especially true of the White and Grey Dining Table. Chunky sturdy pine frames have been given true white coatings of paint, but also pre-distressed in places to keep inline with the shabby chic decor aesthetic. We love how the frame design pleasingly crosses, the same detail is kept on the dining chairs, it’s entirely in keeping with the barn house feel of this range. Perhaps the most loved feature is the rich and earthy grey surface itself, a visually textured purposely uneven shade. The colour and look is achieved through a process of chemical grey-washing and can be seen across the whole range.

Functionality with the White and Grey Dining Tables are never amiss, either. These reclaimed dining tables easily extend with the specific designed-to-fit extension leaves. These external leaves (to be purchased separately) slot into the ends of the table sturdily with a joust system. Many prefer reclaimed furniture because typically the chunky nature of it means extensions will come from the ends, not the middle, therefore these don’t display the dividing crevice across its centre that other tables do. The 1.8 metre table seats 6 before extending and then you can increase that to 8 with one leaf inserted. The 2 Metre White and Grey Dining Table again allows more diners and with one leaf inserted will comfortably fit 10 diners, perfect for large family or friend gatherings. Furthermore, if really looking to tie up all aspects to the dining room the dining set packages may be the best avenue to explore, with built in discounts on these. Chairs, a bench and extension leaf are all included, available in both the 1.8 Metre Set and 2 Metre Set.


White and Grey Storage

The White and Grey SideboardStorage is also available with the white and grey range. It’s all about practicality as it is a visual feast with these sumptuous rustic furniture options. The White and Grey Sideboard somewhat steals the limelight – a large piece suitable for a number of rooms in the home. This particular piece of reclaimed furniture displays a proudly wide true-white painted face comprising of two cupboard doors and central shelf interior – plenty of room for storage. The slightly tapered standing of this cupboard speaks to its modern credentials, but there’s no denying that it’s a wonderful exercise in shabby chic decor. The same thick set grey-wash surface is the perfect place to display plants, ornaments or trinkets. Whereas in the White and Grey TV Unit there is a lovely versatile piece for the home, low lying but still offering two handy compartment cupboards that flank the useful shelves that are perfect for console based tech. A purposeful hole goes through the backboard for wiring. This unit doesn’t even necessarily need to house a TV, it would look fabulous with plant life or a large vase front and centre, or some ornaments.


White and Grey Tables

The White and Grey Coffee TableThis collection isn’t purely reclaimed dining tables, there’s a selection of fabulous smaller tables for the home too. The White and Grey Coffee Table fills the role of charming living room table all too easily, the deep complex greys offer versatility so will suit many homes. It’s sizeable too, giving plenty of room for placing a drink down or a nice large fruit bowl, perhaps. If it’s smaller items of rustic furniture that are required, perhaps to accent what’s already there, then the White and Grey Lamp Table will suit these needs perfectly. Whilst the White and Grey Console Table stands nicely tall and has that trademark charming cross design base with stabilising central floor bar. This console table will brighten any living space.


As far as reclaimed furniture goes the White and Grey range ticks so many boxes for what is needed from a truly great modern yet rustic furniture range. If you’re lucky enough to own some why not share yours and tag us through our instagram, facebook or pinterest accounts. We tend to re-share what we love!



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