Whether you’re looking at Home Decor Pinterest boards, interior design magazines, or furniture & homeware websites, have you ever noticed the images they use always include some form of soft accessory? Well, it’s because they understand the importance of soft furnishings in bringing a home to life, as these add to the atmosphere of the room and can provide a relaxing feel as well as comfort.

When looking at soft furnishings, there is no reason that you can’t have a contemporary feel to your home with wooden floors and solid furniture and add soft accessories to this to tone down the look and create a more relaxed environment as the two different styles contrast and complement each other really nicely.

Soft furnishings

A few examples of home decor items that can be used to bring your home to life are rugs, cushions and throws. For ways that these can be used within the interior design of your home, read on….


If you’ve completed the decoration of a room and are looking for something to pull the look together, cushions are a perfect inexpensive way of using soft furnishings to bring your home to life. They can add texture to the room creating a cosy feel and are a great way of changing up the style and feel of your room throughout different seasons by swapping them out for different colours to match the season.

For example, you may choose subtle pastel colours during the summer and then deep and warm colours for the winter, you can also change up the texture of the cushions to style with the season.

3 Cushions Available Through IOLiving

Our cream faux fur cushion is a great item to bring into a cool-toned room with wooden floors and solid furnishings as this will keep the room feel more relaxed whilst still keeping a contemporary look. The cream colour is a great option to use within the summer times to keep a light tone within the room, and could also be paired alongside the grey version of this cushion.

If you are looking to add a pattern to your room in the form of accessories, again cushions are another way to style a room, here are a couple of our top favourite patterned cushions:

Not only can you use cushions inside but why not add them to your garden furniture to jazz up your outdoor space.

Drape throws

Throws are an effortless way of bringing the rooms in your house to life whether you drape them over your bed, the corner of your sofa or across the arm of a chair. There is no correct way of making this item look good….however, just don’t leave them all screwed up after you have used them, as this isn’t a good look.

3 Different Drape Throws Available On Inside Out Living

A great lightweight throw that we would recommend for anywhere in the house is our pleated throw, this can be used in the garden on those summer nights where you still want to sit outside cosied up next to the embers left in the fire pit and enjoy every minute of those summer times. Alternatively, you could use this within your living room, neatly folded and placed on your sofa whether this be in the centre, off centre, on the foot of a corner sofa or even onto a footstool.

A throw that is perfect for draping over the end of a bed is our fringed dark grey and silver throw, this paired with a white bedding set and a few of our silver pleated cushions would provide a fresh but comfortable look to your home decor.


Rugs can be used to add depth to a room and pull an open plan space together especially if you have solid wood flooring. The reason for this is that they fill the spaces that you would otherwise see through the rest of the furniture in the room.

3 Different Rug Patterns Available On Inside Out Living

If you have a large hallway area that you are looking to up the interior design on, have you thought about adding a rug in the empty floor space you have here to bring this area to life and provide a welcoming entrance? Or perhaps in your living room placing a rug in the middle of the room underneath a coffee table or a large ottoman footstool.

Our south beach black and white hand-tufted rug is a great example of how this can be placed underneath a coffee table in a living room.


Pouffes are becoming more popular to add to your home decor, the likely reason for this is that they have so many uses, and depending on the style you have chosen can be used as extra seating, as a footstool, as a coffee table and even a rest for your pet. Take a look at this blog post by Modsy for other ways that you can use a pouffe around your home.

3 Different Pouffes Available On Inside Out Living

If you’re looking to purchase a pouffe to use as a coffee table our grey velvet footstool is the ideal style to use for this, why not add one of our metal serving trays on top not only to protect it but you can also then add accessories to this such as a large succulent plant thanks to the flat surface that the try provides.

Looking for a different style of pouffe for your home, take a look here for some of the other styles that we’re sure that you’ll love.

As you can see, the importance of soft furnishings is undeniable. They are an easy and effortless way of bringing any room in your house to life, so why not try switching up these accessories within the rooms in your house until you have found the place you would like to make a home for these items.



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