We get it! It can be a daunting task adding a new patterned rug into your decor, it’s by nature a risky exercise and has claimed many a style victim. This is why today we’re offering up our pointers in getting it right and avoiding those common faux pas! Without further ado let’s take a look.

Don’t be put off by bold patterns

Choosing bold patterns and large prints for your new rug may prove off-putting with your existing decor, however, it doesn’t have to be. If going for a heavier more prominent print think about which shade will work best within the designated room. As a rule of thumb pairing a bold pattern can be done if enough other decor matches in shade. The nearer the match the better. Even with patterned cushions, there’s still an opportunity to pair nicely if the colours match, or nearly match it’s likely going to work for you.

Stencil Tasseled Rug Black/Cream Indoors with cabinet and ladder

Stripes offer versatility

When considering how to decorate with a patterned rug, you’re really at the mercy of your existing decor. However, if you have pieces that contain stripes things get a lot easier. That’s because stripes pair really well with pretty much any pattern. The elongated nature of the shape can create the same block effect on the vision allowing another pattern to be introduced. Feel free to apply the same practice to patterned cushions.

Mixing rug patterns can work in some circumstances

There are some instances when a mix of patterns will simply help an indoor space positively pop, creating memorable decor for all to enjoy. We tend to think that using a patterned rug alongside a pattern that’s either sparser or even a block colour is a great way to add emphasis to the patterned piece. In fact, the same applies for patterned cushions, so you may find our guide to styling outdoor cushions useful as it converts to indoor use quite nicely too. The bolder the background against the pattern the better.

How To Choose A Patterned Rug

Preference will override all advice of course, but there are some simple things to look out for when choosing your patterned rug. Below are some pointers to take into account when choosing yours.

  • Dark will work best in naturally lighter rooms (no need to add a dark piece to an already moody room, the floor will be lost in proceedings)
  • Keep the pattern interesting and the shade neutral for safer results. This is really a nugget for the home and garden in general. Want to keep it safe – then keep it safe. There’s no harm in choosing a texturally interesting pattern but in a nice easy-going shade like ash grey or beige – you’ll nearly always be destined for fantastic results.
  • A metallic tinged patterned rug can lift any room – there’s a lovely intriguing trend in intertwined metallic shades within rug designs in recent years and we’re here for it. It creates instant visual magic in so many cases. See the majestic Highbury Rug or naturalist themed Lyme Coast Rug as examples. The metallic itself tends to be used sparingly and with care, we think it’s the touch many modern living rooms or dining rooms could use.

Highbury Rug Grey Gold- indoors next to gold table legs

Remember, the guiding ideal with how to mix rug patterns within the home, or indeed with other rugs, will depend on your chosen colour palette and tastes, but the above is a short rough exploration into some industry recognised techniques. By nature, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it.

We hope you found something to confidently lay on your floor in our mini delve into patterned rugs. Remember, by tagging us in your home pics on Instagram @ioliving and using #miolving with IO Living purchased items you stand a chance to win a £100 gift card!



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