At Inside Out Living, we know that hosting a dinner party for family and friends can be quite a challenge. That is why we have put together all of our handing drinks and dining accessories that will change your dining experience for the better.

Top Drinks Accessories On Inside Out Living

  1. Large wine bottle holder – This quality wine bottle holder can hold up to 4 bottles of wine. With plenty of space for ice in the bowl and 4 bottles of your chosen plonk, this is the perfect centrepiece for any dining table or drinks party. With plenty of drink flowing, invite some friends over, fill with ice and your favourite bubbles and sip the afternoon away enjoying the summer sun. That’s an order!
  2. Metal serving tray – This two-coloured metal serving tray is both practical and beautiful. This tray is a classic finishing touch whether it be drinks in the garden, a classic BBQ or a full banquet. The 47cm x 28cm metal tray will not let you down. 
  3. Shotgun wine bottle opener – Open your wine in style with our shotgun wine bottle opener. This practical piece has been designed to look like the end of a shotgun cartridge, adding a pinch of the country into your home. The resulting finish is a smart-looking piece of tableware, that would fit in with any decor.
  4. Tall silver hammered metal jug – This tall silver hammered jug is one of the most classic items from our range. Whether you want to use it as a pitcher and enjoy some homemade cocktails out in the garden, or simply as a water jug at dinner. One thing is for sure, your guests will be drinking in style. 

Top Dining Accessories On Inside Out Living

  1. Black shellfish and seafood toolset – This shellfish set – presented in a beautiful gift box – includes 2 x shellfish cracking tools and 4 x seafood forks – making that sweet lobster claw meat all that more accessible to you, your family and friends. The black stainless steel finish makes these a stylish addition to any dining table. 
  2. Chip cone holder with dip ramekins – Serve your chips in style. This quirky chip cone has two shallow dishes attached for sauces, making it both charming and practical. Say goodbye to breakfast bowls as chip bowls forever. 
  3. Cheese knife set – every good dinner party starts and finishes with cheese – and we aren’t just talking about the entertainment. This 3 part cheese knife set is available in both black and gold, adding an alternative twist to another wise boring cheese knife. 
  4. Hammered metal large punch bowl – What’s not to love about this classic hammered metal bowl. Whether being used as an ornament, fruit bowl, punch bowl or for anything else you need a bowl for, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and look of this piece.
  5. Channel chopping and serving board – The drip channels mean that it would be ideal for resting, cutting and serving meats without the risk of all the juices running off the board and causing a massive mess.  Similarly, it could be used to serve salads or vegetables with dressings on, for the same reason – those handy drip channels. Of course, it also lends itself to being a pizza tray because of the size and shape. The options really are endless but one thing is for sure.

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