Rattan garden furniture is swiftly becoming a key component of the modern garden and it’s clear to see why. This is partially due to the appealling aesthetic of rattan’s classic weave pattern, but also its inbuilt resistance to the ravages of wet weather and sun alike. However, what is less discussed, or reported on, is the long lease of life you can give outdoor furniture by simply covering them during the coldest and wettest months. So, we’re here to inform you of the many benefits of using garden furniture covers.

Why Cover Rattan Garden Furniture?

2019 Bramblecrest Outdoor Reclining Chair Set Garden Furniture CoverIt’s a great question and one that there is no right and wrong answer to. See, the use of patio and garden furniture covers is really a preference choice. To explain; basically rattan weave has an incredibly strong design whereby the very fibres of the material are, and remain, durable against the elements. The very resin structure of modern rattan wicker will repel and resist rain, frost, UV rays and wind to a high level for many years. Whilst the sturdy aluminium frames are also, more often than not, powder-coated to resist rust. However, if you’re really looking to extend the life of your furniture and achieve the absolute maximum amount of years use, it is worth considering garden furniture covers.

That’s kind of the guiding theory here – garden furniture covers will undoubtedly increase the life of your outdoor furniture, but rattan as-is remains very durable within itself. Another way to look at this is that there is simply not a one size fits all solution when it comes to the best care. Perhaps you live in a markedly rainier and more climatically tempestuous part of the UK/Ireland, perhaps near moorland or open coastline, and because of this your garden is more exposed and receives much higher average rainfall than the most of the country. In this circumstance, it would definitely be worth thinking about investing in garden furniture covers. Whereas a tucked away outdoor space in an inner city shielded largely by buildings and partially covered with a sun roof, you may not feel a cover is actually necessary.

The Benefits Of Protective Garden Furniture Covers

2019 Bramblecrest 150cm Round Table Set Outdoor Furniture Cover - Khaki

Firstly, it’s imperative you choose the best fitting option. If you own either Bramblecrest or Kettler sets, or are looking to buy some, there are a number of product specific options to play with. These come in an array of size options but are usually specific to the model/type on offer. You can peruse all our garden furniture covers here, but please make sure you always read the sizing specs in detail.

So, let’s take a deeper look at the actual fabric of these covers. Protective patio and garden furniture covers are made from a heavy duty lined polyester, an extremely water-resistant material that’s incredibly durable. The covers are also made with an insulated inner lining, ensuring it won’t excessively rub up against and agitate the actual furniture if caught in blustery conditions.

Talking of which; one key benefit is the cord lock systems that come as standard and protect against the damages and physicality of the wind. The system has been developed for a super snug tailored fit, which is why the pull cords are accessed in the bottom corner meet-points of the textile and ensures it stays compact and secure during high winds.

Just like humans, the prospect of being cooped up for long periods of time isn’t altogether alluring and that’s why some covers now come with air vent panels. This allows air flow to easily pass through and around the rattan garden furniture helping to resist any musty or clammy stagnation. If the cover you choose doesn’t have this function inbuilt, it’s not a real problem – just leave your furniture to air off for that little longer before using it when the sunny weather does finally arrive.

Incredibly lightweight and easy to fit, the malleable form of garden furniture covers means they’re quick and easy to fold and store come the spring and summer. Neutral colour palettes of either khaki or grey also benefit many garden arrangements, making outdoor furniture sets not at all unsightly when covered.

Lastly, the most obvious benefit in covering your rattan garden furniture is clearly the outright protection-factor. But, it’s worth considering it’s not just about creating that extra barrier to wet weather. Sun cover is of course a factor; protective covers have the very same UV stabilising qualities inbuilt that are found in rattan weave itself, giving that extra layer of defence. On the other end of the spectrum, they can also offer insulation from heavy frost and snow. Perhaps your outdoor space has tree cover and is also susceptible to high winds? Garden furniture covers are also a great way of ensuring protection from falling branches, pine cones and general debris. Similarly they offer a nifty answer to bird droppings and the chore of frequent cleaning.

Garden furniture covers remain a ‘horses for courses’ solution, if your garden circumstance will benefit from one, go for it! You certainly have nothing to lose and can only benefit from the additional protection.



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