Since we began our journey in providing a wonderful array of high-quality goods for the garden and home there was a selection of brands that we had earmarked in supplying, from day one. Hartman Furniture was at the forefront of our minds when building out our outdoor range. A choice majorly vindicated! They’re a loved British brand from Telford in the Midlands, that have, over time, truly stamped their mark on the industry. Renowned and respected with over 50 years of experience you’ll come to notice Hartman rattan garden furniture along with Hartman cast aluminium garden furniture, (not to mention other patio goods), sat in countless gardens across the land. This is why we thought it was about time that we shone a light on the outdoor furniture specialists, delve a little deeper into what they do and let you know some of the exciting features coming this year!

Forging A Future From Traditions

Hartman is a company that clearly prizes its heritage but also greatly embraces modern changes to construction and the industry as a whole. Starting out in the wake of a growing UK economy, the late 60’s and early 70’s brought more money into people’s homes. Property and home space increased with a rise in living standards, a well-kept garden was no longer just the reserve of the upper crust. Hartman, along with many of its contemporaries, began with cast metal furniture and over generations has evolved its collections to its current 15+ ranges. What’s kept the company going, where others have since faded and disappeared into obscurity, is their continued dedication to adaptation and innovation. Hartman cast aluminium garden furniture still occupies a large proportion of their offerings. Specifically, the sumptuous Hartman Amalfi garden furniture range holds a special place in their catalogue. It also represents nicely what the company holds dear, using the traditional but incorporating the modern.

Hartman Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Hartman Capri Bistro Table Set Blog Image

Both the Amalfi and Capri ranges are at heart all classic cast aluminium garden furniture, the craft and precision is still woven into the intricate metalwork, often floral-inspired. A huge benefit to cast aluminium furniture is the stability it offers but with no loss to looks. The modern functionality comes primarily in a few forms, firstly the treating of the aluminium itself. Coats of colour specific paint-finish developed with a specific chemical composition that ensures Hartman furniture is able to withstand the tempestuous British weather (Storm Ciara all too fresh in our memories!). As a result, pieces belonging to the Hartman Amalfi and Hartman Capri collections can be comfortably left outdoors all year round without worry of degradation. Another benefit of Hartman cast aluminium garden furniture is that its relative weight means it won’t be toppled by high winds anytime soon. Lastly, there are the patented Weatherready® cushions – but, more on that later!

Embracing Rattan Furniture

Hartman rattan garden furniture now makes up a huge swathe of what is produced and at Inside Out Living we do our best to bring you a curated pick of the best collections. Rattan resin wicker is so often positioned front and centre and that’s because its integral qualities are hard to argue with. The polyresin used to create this weave is incredibly low maintenance and very closely resembles organic weaves. The inherent strength of this material means it will last for many years, and it’s water and ice resistance ensures it can take almost anything thrown at it. Whilst the colour of the rattan won’t fade owing to a UV stabilising property, fading and rot are certainly issues often found with traditional organic rattan.

It’s also worth noting that Hartman rattan garden furniture is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Simply allow it to dry after a deluge, wipe down using lukewarm water with a low impact cleaning fluid, such as washing up liquid, then just sponge off and wipe away. Best of all, you should only ever need to do this twice a year at most! If there are any stubborn bits lodged in between the rattan weave, we recommend an old toothbrush to dislodge them. For more information on how to properly clean rattan furniture, take a look at our cleaning guide.

Hartman garden chairs and tables made using rattan resin weaves benefit from beautiful natural tones and are able to be bent and sculpted around the interesting contemporary contours of the brand’s modern designs.

Hartman Furniture Always Keeps The Garden Interesting

Quite simply put, Hartman stands as one of the foremost producers of unique and varied garden furniture. Take their cast aluminium garden furniture, for instance. There are different tones to explore, classic bronze and ambers, or blacks and taupe and most recently added; antique greys and platinums. Design-wise, there’s ornate looking floral metalwork or the more modern lattice cross weave to delight in. Of course, there’s special attention given to individual conversation pieces such as contained within the Hartman Amalfi range, such as the inbuilt ice bucket with the Amalfi bistro table. An excellent innovation that speaks as much to practicality as it does to impress any house guest! Chill down a sparkling bottle of fizz and get the summer started properly! Other examples that are sure to impress as much as they dazzle are to be found amongst the range of Hartman garden chairs and, of course, we’re talking about the outdoor hanging chairs (also known as cocoons). Hartman are a market leader in producing some of the most sought after suspended outdoor chairs, tastefully bound together with the same rattan wicker found on the dining and lounge sets. A singular capsule is safely hung upon a strong aluminium frame and the effect it creates is a wonderful and cosy sanctuary for one (or in the dual cocoon’s case, for two), perfect for nestling into with a good book or glass of wine!

Innovative Solutions In Seating

From one seating innovation to another, Hartman rattan garden furniture benefits from comfortable and padded cushions but, as touched on earlier, these cushions have been made using Weatherready® technology. What this basically means is that these plump pillows can repel a liberal dousing of rain, making them perfect for the unpredictable British summertime! It’s also worth noting that when it rains heavily, the microfibres will simply allow the water to pass through the permeable layers, eventually completely draining through the upholstery underside. However, for best care, we do still recommend storing Weatherready® cushions away during winter to protect them from prolonged spells in the damp and frost.

We’re as happy as ever to be able to call Hartman one of our founding brands, and a fixture on our website. This won’t change anytime soon, rather their selection will only broaden and deepen as we progress year to year. We’re very happy to be able to offer an extensive range of Hartman furniture and all the benefits these wonderful garden wares bring to your outdoor space. Sit tight for some very exciting new products coming in the next few weeks!



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