A firepit dining table is the perfect garden furniture essential for entertaining guests in cosy style. It provides the ideal set up for catching up with loved ones in comfort around the spectacular glow of a roaring fire. We know a firepit dining table is an essential for outdoor entertaining, but the big question is, can it be used as a BBQ?

This is an important question that we’re asked frequently at IOL, and we’re delighted to say that with the Bramblecrest Firepit Dining Set models, you absolutely can use them as a BBQ. In fact, this is one of their main benefits. Not quite convinced? Let’s take a closer look at how to use a firepit dining table to grill up some delicious food. 

How Do You Use A Firepit Dining Table As A BBQ?

At the centre of all our firepit dining table sets is an integrated firepit that’s contained within a tasteful tempered glass shield to provide extra safety and to prevent the flames from going out due to wind. The firepit is fuelled by a gas tank that’s located discreetly within the table’s base, whilst still being easily accessible to operate. 

Using the heat from the Bramblecrest firepit dining table to BBQ food works in a similar way to grilling food over any open fire. You’ll need to get the fire lit using the easy-to-operate gas tank, before adding a griddle pan on top of the flames to cook your food on. Once set up, you simply grill your food as you would on the BBQ and cook up some tasty treats!

The genius of these firepit dining tables is that your cooking and dining space are combined, creating the perfect set up for hosting a BBQ. Guests can interact with the cooking, with plenty of table space and seating for them to lounge and enjoy the food as soon as it comes off the grill. 

Bramblecrest Monterey Large Rectangle Firepit Dining Table Set in dove grey with fire lit and table set Bramblecrest Monterey Square Casual Firepit Dining Table Set in garden space with fire lit

What Equipment Do I Need To Cook With My Firepit Dining Table?

In order to use your firepit dining table set as a BBQ you’ll need a firepit griddle that suits the specific model of your dining set. At IOL, we provide two different types of firepit griddle to be used with our Bramblecrest Firepit Dining Table Sets. These are:

Bramblecrest Double Griddle With Rectangle Bracket

2021 Bramblecrest Double Griddle For Firepit tables with a bottle of wine next to itThis firepit griddle is designed for use with our large rectangular firepit dining table sets. Made of solid cast iron, this double griddle features reversible grilling surfaces, one smooth and one ridged, to cater for different grilling methods. The griddle fits perfectly within the glass surrounding the firepit on a Bramblecrest Rectangular Fire Pit and is easy to clean after use. This double griddle fits the following dining sets:

Bramblecrest Griddle With Square Bracket

Bramblecrest Griddle with square bracket on firepit dining table with wine bottle and glasses next to itThis practical firepit griddle fits neatly into the Bramblecrest Square Firepit Tables and is also made using a durable, solid cast iron design. To maintain the longevity of the griddle we recommend washing it with non-corrosive dish soap and warm water before reheating it steadily and briefly so that it dries without corroding. This particular firepit griddle fits the following models:

If you have any further queries about how to use your firepit dining table as a BBQ, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, where we’ll be able to provide you with more guidance and our top tips. 



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