Bramblecrest garden furniture has become a hallmark of quality in the outdoor furniture industry, especially in the UK and Europe. This British company was founded and still runs from the Cotswolds by the same two friends and a close-knit team. Together they have accumulated some 20 years of trade and experienced vast growth within the industry. Along with some other UK mentionables who will, or have already, had their profiles examined by Inside Out Living, Bramblecrest has played a major role in pushing rattan garden furniture back into the mainstream conversation. Bramblecrest rattan garden furniture is, for good reason, considered a leading authority on the production of this highly regarded synthetic weave built furniture.

2019 Bramblecrest Lichfield 2.7m Square Cantilever Parasol - SandServing a UK based customer was always their priority, and this cornerstone of knowledge of their customer base remains a driving force today. There is a raft of exquisite products and ideas for the garden that the company have built their business around, a selection of which we’re proud to stock on Inside Out Living. When thinking of this prestigious brand sofa dining sets are amongst the first things come to mind, luxuriously sprawling and deep fill cushions with elegant touches and modern curved aesthetics. A garden or patio can do no wrong with one of their products gracing it. Well, of course, there are also the unmistakable Bramblecrest cocoons, a sanctuary achieved in the confines of a gently swaying open-faced capsule of bliss.

While owning a Bramblecrest parasol really is such a great addition to any garden, these large fully portable shade blocks are surprisingly lightweight yet sturdy and very simple to use. There is a wide range of products available so today, we’re going to shine some light on some of Bramblecrest’s high-quality mainstays, a newer range to come and explain some of the functions and features that are pleasingly prolific with this beautiful product.

A Modern Classic – The Bramblecrest Monterey Collection

2019 Bramblecrest Monterey Outdoor Sofa Set With Square Dining TableThe Bramblecrest Monterey range has become so emblematic of the brand that we’ve heard customers simply refer to them by this namesake. This truly speaks to the enduring appeal that this line of products has achieved. It’s no wonder why, with leading garden products in categories such as casual garden dining sets, garden bistro sets, patio sofa sets, corner sofa sets, outdoor recliners and glorious outdoor cocoons. As a range, it really does nicely cover all the bases. A particular favourite feature of ours comes in the form of adjustable tables, which accompany a good proportion of Bramblecrest sofa dining sets.

The beauty of these dining surfaces are the ease at which you can switch your soirée from casual affair to something altogether more refined. Keep the table at the lowest setting to place nibbles, aperitifs and board games. Elevate to its highest point to sit and dine in sophistication. The durable and tactile surface of this garden furniture means it ultimately no hassle to maintain, just wipe clean. Whilst either the ceramic or recessed glass table tops are built to be extremely durable at no cost to visual appeal, win-win!

Another continual conversation starter comes in the shape of Bramblecrest Monterey cocoons. A swinging chair made primarily from rattan wicker resin and shaped in a hollowed-out shell, tantalisingly suspended by a sturdy aluminium chain and hang-frame. Inside are the same plump high-quality cushions found across most Bramblecrest garden furniture. Sit, nestle and enjoy. The true art of outdoor relaxation may just be perfected in the swaying motion of these serene capsules. The real stroke of genius, however, comes with the introduction of the Monterey double seater cocoon. Two can sit and relish the motion and comfort, as cosy as could be! There’s a reason why this Bramblecrest rattan garden furniture remains one of our top-selling outdoor items! The cocoon is versatile, too. Simply take indoors and pick a subdued corner to breathe invention and tranquillity into the home.

New & Responsible – The Bramblecrest Tetbury Collection

In a nod to their Cotswold roots, the newest Bramblecrest outdoor furniture range is named Tetbury. We think it’s a perfect label for this range of Bramblecrest garden furniture which features a huge swathe of Bramblecrest sofa dining sets of many varieties and combinations. The Bramblecrest Tetbury range continues the brands’ dedication to sustainability, all materials without exception are created from recyclable sources. It’s certainly keeping with the alignment of their zero-to landfill policy, (an admirable practice where all and any waste materials are responsibly and sustainably dealt with company-wide).

This newest line of garden furniture benefits from ‘tree-free’ tabletops, surfaces that closely resemble wood finishes but contain nil-timber whatsoever. These surfaces also retain a high level of durability and offer a sleek tactile user experience. All the seating across this range also profits from eco-cushions which are made from 100% recycled bottles. Encouragingly these developments and practices come at no cost to quality at all, and most pleasingly the price point is kept at a desirable level. With the Bramblecrest Tetbury range, you can expect the same unwavering pursuit of Bramblecrest’s rattan garden furniture-excellence. Specific highlights come in the form of Bramblecrest parasol sets, bistro sets, adjustable tables and recliner chairs. We’re slowly adding these to our online array so please click in soon to check out this wonderful new array of garden ready products.

It may not seem like it right now with all the wind and rain, but Spring and Summer really are on their way. If you’re anything like the Inside Out Living team, you’ll be starting to get things in order to best enjoy this best-loved time of year. If you like what you see and decide you want a piece or few of Bramblecrest garden furniture for your home, be sure to register your order on the Bramble website. This will ensure you’re able to claim under their Extended Structural Product Guarantee if you happen to experience any issues. You most likely won’t, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.



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