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With summer not far away, now is a good time to start looking at kitting out your garden with the latest trends. There are many ways that you can make use of your outdoor spaces and make them pop no matter what size garden you have. We have put a list together of some simple garden furniture ideas of how you can transform your outdoor area.

Adding Accessories

First up is accessories. If you’ve already got a garden furniture set but would like to make more use out of it and make it more appealing to use, it’s worth investing in some accessories. For example, some bright cushions to add a pop of colour or perhaps a knitted throw for when the sun sets on those summer evenings we are all so much longing for.

Easily one of the most popular fantastic garden furniture ideas, it’s becoming increasingly popular to create your own furniture and is a great way of filling your weekend winding down after a hard week of work. A really fun starter project is to create a ladder planter with fence pickets, with this, not only are you adding the product of your hard work to the garden, but you can also customise it with different plants of different colours to enliven your garden.

Get Yourself A Hanging Chair

If you’re looking for something that’s practical but doesn’t dominate outdoor spaces, then a hanging chair is the perfect piece of garden furniture for you. Also known as cocoon chairs, hanging chairs offer a lot more than just their looks and provide a relaxing ambience for gardens that are intended to be a tranquil sanctuary to chill out in. They also happen to be perfect for gardens of all sizes, as they tend to take up very little space and can be put into corner spaces easier than traditional garden furniture sets.

The cocoon effect of the chair promotes comfort, making them fantastic for relaxing and destressing in. We’d even go as far as to say that they are a great space to practice meditation.

Create A Privacy Screen For Your Garden

If you’re looking to distance yourself from your neighbours and create more of a private garden or perhaps are looking to cover up a certain part of your garden, one way you could do this is by adding a screen. A chevron-style patterned wall not only provides privacy but also style to your garden and makes the most out of the areas that you ideally wouldn’t like to show.

DIY Wooden Pallet Furniture

There are so many varieties of styles that you can design and create using old wooden pallets, for example creating an outdoor sofa, armchair, a bench, a table and many more.
All you need is a design, a few wooden pallets, some screws and a drill (and some paint if you wish). Take a look here for some handy steps on how to make a wooden pallet bench.
Once you have created your chosen piece of garden furniture, add comfort with some comfy cushions that you don’t mind using outdoors and voila there you have your own homemade furniture.

Build A Wooden Rolling Console Table

Bar carts are becoming the next big thing to add some pizazz to the interior of your home, but there is no reason that this type of item can’t do the same thing for your garden. Obviously, at the end of the evening, it’s probably best to bring in your staple summer tipple to ensure it doesn’t go missing, but why design your own bar cart to keep outside.

This post by gifted carpenter, Jen Woodhouse, takes you through the steps on how to create the console table she made, but why not put your own spin on it and create something to the exact spec’s that you would like it to look. Another use for this cart is to use it as a decorative piece of furniture by adding a few outdoor safe ornaments to provide a home feel in the garden.

For more garden furniture ideas, take a look at this post by the Inside Out Living team to find out the latest outdoor furniture trends for 2020 and how they can work in your outdoor space.



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