The industrial dining table has received much attention in recent years as has industrial style furniture in general. With its characteristic aesthetic and integral quality it’s easy to see why it’s risen to its place as a home favourite for many. But what exactly makes dining tables of this style so popular, what sets these tables apart from the crowd? Let’s take a look.

The Concept Of Industrial Style Furniture

What brought this style of furniture to the masses and why has it remained so popular for so many years? One word truly wraps up an answer to both of these questions; quality. 

The inherent resilience found in the materials is often the main appeal. Reclaimed materials such as  wood and repurposed metal can deliver proven quality, as can selected new cuts of timber and metalwork, indeed both tend to make up industrial style furniture. But, what exactly are reclaimed materials? They are materials salvaged from old industry, whether from old factories, warehouses or rural buildings. Read our in depth article on this for more information on this style of dining furniture. 

By nature you can then expect an industrial table to offer an interesting grained, knotted or treated timber, giving a characterful appearance, this is especially true of the humble pine dining table. But also in most cases this type of table uses elements of metal; whether for a table base or detailing. It’s these two ingredients that especially speak to the old industrial past, but also add intrigue and charm into the equation.

Raw Materials With a Distinctly Modern Feeling

If industrial style furniture is mainly made from raw and storied materials why does it sometimes feel so modern, or rather why does it fit so well into modern homes? This is really a trend based answer – essentially for a good period of time home and construction trends have favoured a stripped back warehouse chic appearance. Think of your local coffee shop, bar, hair salon etc etc. Elements like exposed brickwork, raw timber and unashamed use of metal may feature heavily. The minimalistic approach and the favouring of more raw materials speak to a paired back less-is-more modern aesthetic. 

INdustrual style dining table, part of the urban range, with matching bench and light grey dining chairs

Examples Of The Industrial Dining Table On Inside Out Living - Urban

The Urban dining table is our resident table which truly represents this type of furniture. The chunky pine surface offers a neutral brown and benefits from charming knot blemishes. Also proudly displayed are; graining, imperfections and markings, each surface is unique. Its quality is locked in by a lacquer finish which helps protect it from day to day damage and gives it an appealing sheen. The biggest difference with this pine dining table and our other pine ranges is the brushed steel frame in characteristic industrial dark grey. The addition of metal really sets this table apart from other ranges, hitting that sweet spot of modern industrial style. It’s available in two sizes and it can extend with an add on extension leaf, purchased separately.  This table will suit modern styled homes, apartments and even rural settings. It’s also easily paired with the Urban dining benches but also a number of chairs, such as the Gaudi or Burnham, for example.

Why Choose An Industrial Dining Table?

For all the reasons above, but also it’s really a preference choice. It boils down to your home aesthetic in a sense, the right choice may lay in whether your current decor arrangements suit the stripped back appearance of industrial style furniture. Whilst if a table isn’t required for your home but the urge to add this style to your home remains, take a look in our Urban furniture collection you’ll find wonderful options in coffee tables and home storage too.

In it To Win It

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