An art deco glass can be broadly defined as a decorative cocktail glass, popularised by the 1920’s movement, typically ornate and decadent. It isn’t limited to the atypical tall cocktail glass, but also encompasses short hammered tumblers, goblets and lowball whiskey glasses.

Art deco design may be present; whether ridged glass detailing, tinted colour tones or literal art deco engravings of geometric shapes, animals and flora. It’s generally accepted that traditional cocktail party glasses are also loosely known as art deco cocktail glasses.

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Whilst there isn’t an overt art deco glass in our collections there’s a small focussed selection that take clear cues from the art deco style, and we think they’re gorgeous additions to a festive soiree, new year’s shindig or just to bring out for those special celebratory moments.

Coniston cocktail glass

The Coniston Cocktail Glass is a glorious grooved tall stem example of a coupe cocktail glass that flaunts more than a pinch of 1920’s art deco flair. The glass is decorated with soft and subtle detailed grooves surrounding its edges to spark conversation and keeps the glass interesting, year after year.

Coniston Cocktail Martini Mouthblown Glass

Melbury cocktail glass

The Melbury Cocktail Glass will soon become a home glassware staple for hosting parties, celebratory drinks or finding an excuse to try out some home made concoctions. The coupe cocktail glass has a decidedly art deco leaning to it, with a wonderfully memorable amber tint that runs from base all the way to saucer. As lovely as a gift as it would be alongside any of the rest of the Melbury range.


Coniston Bourgogne glass

Unashamedly 1920s inspired and exuding glamour and decadence the Coniston Bourgogne Glass is a red wine glass firstly, but would certainly work delightfully for a number of cocktails. Crafted from mouthblown glass allowing this art deco glas piece the intricate detailing showcasing  subtle grooves that surround the outside of the cradle. Truly party drinkware, perfect for hosting.


Pebley jug - dusk

Technically not a drinks glass, but definitely befitting of this art deco glass round up. Our Pebley Jug in a graceful shade of dusk is as elegant as it is memorable. Gorgeous large hand hammered dimples are to be found on its body, whilst its curvaceous shape and tonal appearance give it that undeniable art deco feel, it’s perfect for serving water or to refill jugs of a chosen punch/cocktail. It, of course, looks nicest alongside the rest of the fabulous Pebley glass range.




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