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When it comes to coordinating your own home decor and getting all the typical details in place for a home project, a decor overhaul or a from-scratch undertaking, you may find yourself looking upwards, and thinking through the obvious big items. Things like; wall paint colour, large furniture items, various wall decorations and so forth. What can so often be overlooked is the opportunity that lies underfoot – floors are worthy of our design attentions, too. We think rugs and their various textures, colours, shapes and forms are one of the most effective ways to achieve a positive visual impact in your home, but where to start?  Well, today Inside Out Living has pieced together a 2023 rug buying guide, taking a tour through our selections and making suggestions on what may work for your space. Time to get to it.

Why Consider a Rug At All?

Space defining

Simply put, a well chosen and placed rug can help define empty feeling space and vacant areas that just won’t readily accommodate any other furniture or decor. It can either bring attention to areas that seem overlooked or drab, or conversely they can go some way in smoothing over areas that feel too busy. What your rug achieves will depend on the shape, texture, pattern, material and shade you choose.


Texturally enhancing

As touched on above, a key theme in this rug buying guide will be an exploration of the benefits and impacts of the various textures offered by these rugs. Various textures such as cotton and polyester often soften space, for example. Whereas more organic materials such as jute can add a rich feeling and more natural texture for the eye/senses to enjoy.


Pattern placement

Pattern can be an instant way to insert an element of personality into your space, but also creates a certain intrigue and gives a great excuse to pair elements of your home decor with the patterned rug in question.


The Hurston Collection feels like as good a place to start as any, it also steps into our collections with the largest rug of our ranges. 

Boasting a depth of 3 metres in length by a 2 metre width the Hurston Large Rug is a wonderful organic feeling and more rugged option for homes. It works especially well on wood and laminate floors. Made from a natural jute it offers enjoyable neutral shades with an interesting black stripe pattern. As these are handwoven each rug is a little unique. Place underneath large furniture, dining sets or front and centre in larger rooms.

The slimmer Hurston Hallway Rug offers all the savoury organic feel of the large rug but with option to use in tighter confines. It can be easily placed in a hallway, beside a bed or the length beneath a dining set to bring some shabby-chic character into a space.

Beadon Hallway Rug Grape


The Beadon Collection offers four patterned rugs in two sizes and two colours. It’s most notable from others in this rug buying guide owing to its trendy geometric honeycomb pattern. Because of this it certainly feels like one of the most modern offerings to be found on Inside Out Living. 

The larger rectangle version will work superbly in living rooms or generally rooms with more space on offer. Use the appealing Beadon Mustard Rectangle Rug to pair with wood tones and organic feeling decor. These rugs are short tufted for softness and style, add to block colour rooms to break up the space. The Beadon Mustard Hallway Rug of the same style makes a fine addition to slimmer spaces; bedrooms, hallways (of course) and positioned at the foot of a bed, for example.

The Beadon Grape colour offers a deep shade of burgundy brown offset with an oatmeal shade background. It may just be the most striking option in this rug buying guide, with the combination of these two colours and the honeycomb rug patterning. The same two sizes are available; Beadon Rectangle Rug Grape and Beadon Hallway Rug Grape.


The Ingra Rug Collection may just be our most versatile rug offering, spanning three different sizes and with an integrally rich and neutral tactile look and feel. There’s a Ingra Rectangle Rug, Ingra Hallway Rug and a noteworthy Ingra Square Rug. The spatial benefits of both the rectangle and hallway rug are well covered above, but with the Ingra collection there’s the additional square option. Square rugs can be the perfect shape for smaller rooms with sectional areas, such as kitchens, dining rooms and areas of a living room. 

Not only are the size options a great benefit with this range but the jute and cotton mix offers a compellingly soft finish in a natural shade, we think it will especially compliment light wood floors and laminates, but truly any home.


The Ashbury Rug is a singular rectangle rug that offers unique embossed tufted patterning in its all cotton makeup. The likable and neutral beige off white will soften space and creates a lovely feel underfoot. The large rug is a sizeable 2 metres X 1.4 metres, so will happily fill a larger room. The Ashbury successfully blends classic and contemporary design, making it incredibly versatile and easy to style.


Finally we arrive at the Balstone rug range in this Inside Out Living rug buying guide. Find a gorgeous short tufted rug with intriguing detailing. The cotton and polyester mix make for a soft carpet. There’s tassels to enjoy along with a pattern that borrows from several cultures. Available in both a Balstone Rectangle Rug and the Balstone Hallway Rug ,  we think these are a fabulous opportunity to add stylish texture and intrigue to your space.

In It To Win it

Perhaps you’ve purchased a rug or soft furnishing from Inside Out Living, or another gorgeous indoor or outdoor item? We want to see how you’ve styled it! Share your photos of your space on Instagram or Facebook and tag @ioliving and #mioliving , you stand to win a £100 voucher. Winners are drawn monthly. T&C’s found here. Good Luck!



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