Looking for the perfect dining tables and chairs to complete your dining space? If you’ve discovered this article, then we assume you’re probably considering pine as one of your options? (With good reason too – it’s a great choice). Pine dining tables and chairs are a popular addition to many homes, both modern and traditional. What makes them so special? Let’s find out.

Why Choose Pine Dining Tables & Chairs For Your Home?

With so many different dining furniture options to choose from, why might pine be the best choice for you ? 

Natural & Timeless Look:

Appearance is likely to be one of the most important considerations you’ll make when choosing new pieces for your dining space. One of the main benefits of pine is that it’s naturally pleasing to the eye. There are natural patterns and grains in the wood that give it a gorgeous rustic, and textured looking finish. In other words it speaks for itself. It is also a lot lighter in colour than other woods, such as dark oak. This makes it easier to pair with a range of decor schemes. Classic in appearance, pine dining tables and chairs blend timelessly into any style of home, and will not go out of fashion. 


It’s inevitable that dining tables and chairs will take their fair share of knocks, bumps, scrapes and spillages over the years. That’s why it’s so important to choose furniture that’s durable and resistant to general wear and tear. In spite of its elegant appearance, pine is actually one of the most durable types of wood available. That’s why it’s used in such a versatile use of applications, from construction and carpentry to pine dining tables and chairs. 

Lightweight & Flexible:

Pine is a soft wood with a low density, making it very light, and a lot less dense than other types of wood. This makes it more flexible to work with, but in no way less sturdy, resulting in a variety of furniture designs to suit different styles and tastes. It also makes pine dining tables and chairs lightweight and easy to-move. This makes mixing and matching dining tables and chairs a breeze, helping you to create your dream, bespoke setup.

Pine Dining Tables & Chairs From IOL

With such major benefits, it’s no surprise that we’ve chosen to incorporate pine into a few of our own dining furniture pieces. This includes the following collections:


Perfect for adding a touch of industrial style to your home, the Urban collection includes a pine dining table and bench, both with dark grey, gun metal legs to offset the natural finish of the pine. The pine wood dinner table comes with a lacquered finish to enhance the wood’s natural durability, and can also be extended using a butterfly extension leaf. The bench and the table look great when paired together as a complete set, or when mixed and matched with other collections, such as the Gaudi dining chairs – this combination adds texture and character to the space. 

Urban dining bench and table with fluffy throw placed on bench
large urban pine bench with metal base

White & Grey

The White & Grey dining table and bench feature a gorgeous chunky frame design, with cross-hatching at either end, adding a focal point of interest. The chunky white frames are perfectly contrasted by the earthy grey table top and bench top that’s made from reclaimed pine. Combining a traditional aesthetic with a modern twist, the thick-set pine bench has been pre-distressed to enhance style as well as durability. 

White and Grey extendable dining table set placed in a light room with vase on the table and rattan lampshade hung overhead
White and Grey small dining bench placed in a wooden hallway with ornamental wicker lanterns placed next to it

Cotswold Dining Bench

If you prefer a more traditional and timeless look, then the Cotswold dining bench will make a stunning addition to your home. We’ve chosen to use pine to craft these two benches due to the grain detail in the wood, which allows these seats to speak for themselves. The chunky bench and table has a rustic aesthetic and is finished in a muted brown colour that brings a warm and classic air to the space – perfect for slow Sunday lunches, or cosy midweek meals.

close up of Cotswold dining bench as part of dining table set with the table laid for dinner
Cotswold dining bench on a white background

If you’d like any more details on any of our dining furniture, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us a message!



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