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wimbledon garden party perfected summer 2019


It’s that time of year again when our favourite cast of racket wielding athletes slip into their finest crisp whites to tread the lawns of the All England Tennis club in Wimbledon, and if like us you were unable to get tickets we have a great way to celebrate the tournament – throw a Wimbledon garden party! As far as an excuse to throw a good old fashioned shindig goes there can be no better, so get the invites written, dust off the dormant (ahem) TV set and fire up the barbeque because we’re going to serve up our best outdoor party ideas. 

The very essence of Wimbledon’s prestigious competition stems from the values and appreciation of the British garden. The club’s grounds are essentially a grandeur garden display in themselves, a stunning floral project that is maintained all year round. So, there surely can’t be a more fitting tribute to the oldest tennis competition in the world than a well curated lawn party. What makes a great Wimbledon garden party? Comfortable garden furniture is a strong start, lawn games are a must, intriguing and beautiful garden accessories will impress your guests whilst sparkling dining serving options are equally as important and don’t forget the tennis! We strongly recommend serving strawberries and cream to stay entirely on theme and more than a fare dousing of Pimms will definitely go down well.


Parasols score points

We’re an optimistic bunch, the weather is going to hang on in there, right?? The damaging qualities of the sun aren’t to be underestimated, nor are perspiring guests steadily growing more agitated with the lack of sun cover. Easy, guarantee shade at your garden party with a fixed parasol. Bramblecrest garden furniture is always a worthy addition to your outdoor space. The Bramblecrest Lichfield Cantilever Parasol will cast plentiful cooling shade over garden table sets, bistro sets, and tables topped with canapes or jugs of Pimms. 2.7 metres squared of shade to be precise. It moves with the sun too, able to rotate a full 360 degrees and tilt left, right up and down, perhaps it could be best used to shade the TV set brought outdoors to catch that unmissable game? The canopy is also water-resistant so it could provide vital shower cover should the unthinkable occur. It comes with a storage rain cover, too. If it’s adjustable height that’s most important the Hartman Cantilever Parasol is a great option too, able to reach 3 metres in height it gives valuable clearance, has an octagonal shape canopy and tilts pleasingly for valuable performance in the sunshine.


Game, garden sets, match

Jam sandwiches are optional, croquet preferable, garden accessories glimmering, bunting best made by a helpful aunt and gingham tablecloth is definitely encouraged. A successful Wimbledon garden party should have at least one of those ingredients. You can drape your chosen tablecloth and place your nibbles of choice over some well-picked garden furniture. Several garden table sets in our selection contain great table options. The Hartman Heritage square adjustable garden dining table set is a standout piece, perfect for entertaining. The table ideally extends upwards to 69cm and retracts back down to 55cm, which means it is a well-suited surface for your guests to reach the table spread or drinks whilst they are stood up, and then lowered down for more casual lounging or dining. The set, with stools, can seat up to 7 people, superb for a garden party. Visually too it works in all kinds of garden décor, it’s made from hardy but stylish thick weave wicker rattan that’s durable and weather/UV resistant. Whereas the accommodating plush cushions may prove rather too comfortable, you could end up missing the tennis altogether.

If it’s a more formal dining experience you’re looking to serve up InsideOut Living have a varied range of garden dining table sets, and our pick for your Wimbledon garden party is inherently classy. Enter centre court Hartman Capri 8 Seat Dining Table, as far as sizeable garden table sets go this has its name already written on the championship trophy. Made from cast aluminium, it will not degrade in adverse weather, easily wipes clean and comes with a 15kg weighted Parasol. The set comes in traditional bronze/amber or the more modern looking grey/platinum. With our varied selection of Bramblecrest garden furniture as well as Hartman’s extensive range we’re sure you can have comfortable options fit for the Queen herself.


Advantage garden accessories

You cannot be seriously thinking about neglecting the details! There is no doubt that paying suitable attention to smaller garden accessories will elevate your soiree. If your garden party should continue into evening hours why not provide a source of warmth and spectacle to gather around. The cast iron chimenea radiates traditional looks and heat in equal measure, it also allows a grill shelf that handily slots in for some al fresco cooking. The chimenea comes in three sizes, great for different sized garden spaces. Achieve that special night time sparkle for your Wimbledon garden party by placing tealights around, we think as far as candle garden accessories go the earthy black painted bamboo hurricane candle holder creates a fabulous twinkling sight. It’s available in a smaller 43cm height or larger 54cm, place an armful around the garden to ensure a graceful ambience.


Service game for match point

So, your garden furniture game is now at its peak, guests are happily enjoying themselves lounging and chatting upon your new Bramblecrest garden furniture, lawn games have been a real hit; serve for match! Whoops, you’ve taken too long to light the chimenea, best to avoid a double fault with subpar serving options. You need that final finesse to edge the win. Luckily InsideOut Living has a wide range of serving options for your garden party. We think the Art Deco round drinks tray is a real crowd pleaser, simple yet effective like the style of all the best Wimbledon champions. Its nickel plated exterior looks almost regal, fit for a winners ceremony. When you’re not entertaining it could also nicely work as an ornament in itself, perhaps with a drinks decanter placed atop. Lastly, to keep your guests’ appetite at bay throughout the day and into the evening the Nickel dish on stand will work perfectly for canapes, light bites and even elevating candles later into the evening.

Your Wimbledon garden party can achieve all the hallmarks of a memorable event if your guests are comfortable and well catered for. With our extensive range of garden furniture and garden accessories, you’ll be more than ready to scoop the top hosting prize this summer.



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