The Atlantic furniture range is truly a versatile collection, for a time now it has figured as one of our most popular collections and there’s clear and honest reasons why it features so highly. Today we’re going to take a look at this fine wood collection a little more closely. Unmistakably a range of beautiful mahogany furniture, it easily and effectively slides into much modern home decor. It’s easy to see why.

It’s All In The Shade

First and foremost, it’s impossible to not notice the two differing colour options offered by the Atlantic collection. Let’s see what’s best going to work for your space.

Atlantic Ocean Blue/Grey/Green For a Statement.

Certainly, the more visually striking of the two is the Blue-Grey-Green hue that sparked the naming of this gorgeous furniture range. It’s a deep and rich oceanic shade which, depending on how you see colours, could be interpreted as any three of those. We specifically love how the shade of the painted bases of the mahogany dining table, or any table in the range for that matter, contrasts elegantly against the natural wood tones of the parquet oak tabletops. One of the key things about the Atlantic range is how it complements modern home decor, combining on-trend colour with a classic design. Any home that largely features grey, cream or even natural wood tones will nicely suit this mahogany furniture.

Neutrality just fits.

Of course, the other colour on offer with the Atlantic collection is a wonderfully subdued taupe cream. A tone that splendidly works alongside the natural colour of the parquet oak topped surfaces. The Atlantic mahogany dining table is particularly well served in this shade, underlining its credentials as a classic yet modern extendable dining table. This shade is lovingly ‘neutral’ , which is a word that evokes warm feelings to most home decorators or new property owners. It really will fit into almost any modern home decor arrangements, and honestly – you can’t put a price on convenience sometimes. We think it especially works well on this range of mahogany furniture but in special regards to the dining chair and sideboard.

The Atlantic 1 drawer coffee table Neutral

The Modern Extendable Dining Table

Perhaps the star of the range, sitting squarely front and centre, is the Atlantic Extending Dining Table. Either shade would fit into many decor arrangements, but as touched on above specifically the neutral taupe shade makes for effortless insertion into many a modern home decor. A key feature comes in the chevron panelled lacquered parquet oak table top, which doesn’t only serve as a lovely tone against the painted base but is durable against marking and will age nicely. The base also has ingrained detailing beneath the table lip which serves to add a nice small point of design, helping to underline the classic styling of this range. By far the most practical feature of this mahogany dining table is the inbuilt butterfly extension leaf, simply fold out from the centre when needed increasing the amount of diners from 6 to 8. Simply adding the Atlantic dining chairs is the clearest way to match the table, also being mahogany furniture. Moreover, if higher occupancy is needed from the off then purchasing as a set with 8 chairs may prove the better option.


Home organise in classic chic

There are just some items in the home that will always be frequently needed but don’t look the best on show, you know the type – cluttertastic essentials. This very reason is why the sideboard has again seen another rise in popularity in recent years. Not only do many contemporary sideboards fit nicely into modern home decor, creating a surface to showcase more visually appealing ornaments or art, but the storage space that’s integral to these units allows for the safe keeping of day to day items that will otherwise clutter up living space. The Atlantic Sideboard is truly mahogany furniture that speaks to everlasting style as much as the practical, sitting at a pleasing 85cm in height and made from the same oak parquet top as the table its easy to see the appeal of this storage unit. Style within living rooms, kitchens and hallways alike. Again, seek out the taupe neutral shade option for ease of styling.


One table is never enough

The Atlantic Side Table Blue GreyOwning a mahogany dining table such as the wonderful Atlantic dining table is undoubtedly a pleasing item to eat meals off and stylistically centre the kitchen or dining room around. After all classic is classic; timeless and in many ways irreplaceable. However, we know all too well when a collection as cohesive looking as the Atlantic range comes along that one piece often follows another. The sophisticated and simple feeling Atlantic side table  will elegantly slide into countless modern home decor arrangements. Similarly, the nested side tables make a perfect practical compromise for increased surface area with no extra space needed to store. Placed next to neutral upholstery or browns and wood finishes will best work.


Why pick mahogany furniture ?

Well, in all honesty it comes down to a personal preference call. Some people ultimately prefer the look and feel of mahogany bases for their furniture, it may well suit your modern home decor – certainly it’s an appealing material for its lightweight nature and smooth and tactile finishes. We personally love the contrast with the parquet oak tabletops of this range. Either way, there seems to be something for everybody’s taste in the Atlantic range. The modern extendable dining table is certainly ever popular, with its uncompromising good looks and practicality.  Maybe you’re the lucky owner of some of the collection? We always love seeing how you’ve styled your home, so please do continue to tag us in your social media posts through Instagram and Facebook with #iolivinghomestyle , we may well feature your post.



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