We’re very aware that lately our focus has been on the outside of our homes, let’s be honest with that recent spate of weather we all really enjoyed our time in the garden and finally getting out to see some friends. However, with all our attentions taken with how best to use the garden maybe we’ve slightly neglected the inside of our homes. Which is why we figured now is the time to look at some ways we can best spruce up the home and conservatory. Small touches can really make the difference sometimes and we’re of the thinking that space can be easily and nicely uplifted particularly by adding beautiful decorative vases.

Modern vases come in a great variety of shapes, designs, materials, uses and colours. There is a vase or vases that will suit any and all interior design styles. Maybe vases are strange unbeknown decoration items that you’ve always partially noticed in somebody else’s home or public spaces, something which you’ve looked over with intrigue. We’re hoping to help persuade you to take a venture into the world of decorative vases in today’s mini dive into these wonderful ceramic receptacles.


Where to place a vase? What to choose.

The options are pretty much limitless, it’s all about personal preference. Modern vases come in such a variety and spectrum of colour, shape and style that there is a vase to fit all needs and all surfaces. Traditionally we especially see decorative vases placed on mantelpieces, used as a focal item alongside ornaments, framed pictures or plants. If you have a mantelpiece be sure to use small to medium sized vases as to not overshadow what’s already displayed and think what will fit into the surrounding interior design styles. Ideally keep the selected vase or vases below 30cm in height (unless you own a large scale mantelpiece), use a pop of colour if your surroundings allow – we love this Complements Theo Ochre Handcrafted Small Vase . We’re of the feeling that this type of modern vase could work well on a contemporary mantelpiece, especially one featuring wood or a cream or white wall as a governing background. Inside Out Living has almost 20 more smaller options to peruse, too.

Similarly shelving furniture, sideboards and display units will provide opportunity to show off your decorative vases at varying heights, again judge the space with which sized vase to use. As a rule of thumb never fill over two thirds of height space between shelves. Modern vases could be used as pairs or multiples, this especially adds visual texture – just be aware not to overcrowd or overly clash colours and patterns. Console tables also prove a perfect opportunity to showcase these decoration items at hip level, again usually the smaller the better, whilst we think multiples and matching pattern decorative vases (not necessarily colour) work particularly well with many interior design styles.

Floor vases have emerged as modern vases of particular interest and popularity, but interestingly it’s known these have historical roots in ancient Greek, Roman and Chinese cultures. For the best use of floor vases, more times than not, look to use the larger and taller of these decoration items. Floor vases add interest and colour to empty corners where no other furniture will rightfully sit, or on the landing of a stair case. Decorative vases destined for floor use look particularly well when styled with sprigs of long plantlife, leafless or not. We’re in love with the majesty of our largest option the Tall Metal Vase , hammered stainless steel in buffed silver speaks to refined glamour and will also brighten any room. We’re also in love with the two tone of this sleek Large Jet Metallic Vase , post modern and effortlessly cool. Whilst the magical artisan feeling of the Handcrafted Glazed Vase exudes artistry and craft in its unique design, not-one is the exact same as the others, such is the novel intricacy of hand crafted ceramics.


Stellar Metallic Vase Small Grey/Gold

Statement, Accent or Classic?

In its broadest terms decorative vases can be placed into three categories, this isn’t to say that one will, or does, sit firmly within one category alone but can overlap between two, whilst some vases can be subjective personally to the decorator.


Statement Vases

Statement vases, as the label would suggest, make a louder and more visually impactful impression on the space. Whether this is a more spritely design or simply on the larger scale, the idea is to catch attention and actively dominate a space, these work best in larger rooms or interior design styles with taller ceilings. These will typically be able to handle larger weightier florals. Our large vase selection certainly qualifies as statement vases.

Accent vases

Accent vases are typically smaller decoration items that should ideally fit onto bookcases, smaller shelves, coffee tables and console tables. Interesting textures, patterns and pairing works especially well here, use several if room allows and get creative. This selection of decorative vases certainly work nicely as accent vases.

Classic Vases

Lastly there is a classic, which refers to styles of modern vases that still have that refined clean and often block colour design. Glass is one such that definitely fits squarely into this category as are metallics. These can work well to break up large swathes of blank wall and space, or when other characteristics of the interior design styles ought to take the limelight. Classic vases also work specifically well for florals, ensuring the natural display of colour takes prominence. We have a selection, here.


Your taste can shine, don’t let guiding dampen the experience.

As a parting thought, it’s important to consider that these tips for decorative vases are simply broad interior design styles ideas, and in actuality the beauty of these ornate decoration items is the freedom to really use how and where you like. Why not share yours with us through our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Feel free to use the tag #iolivinghomestyle and we may feature your style on our pages.



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