Industrial-style furniture has become a huge trend in recent times, with leading interior style-setters helping to establish the old as the new. Industrial decor and industrial style living room furniture, in general, has seen a vast surge in popularity, especially around the dining room and living areas. Thankfully, our dedicated team of home-style enthusiasts have kept pace and little by little, each season, we’ve been adding to our selection. Today, we’re taking a tour through the chic options available on Inside Out Living and giving our thoughts on these.

What exactly is Industrial home decor?

First things first; let’s explore what the term means. In its most basic form, it can refer to any decor or furnishings that have an ‘industrial’ look or material makeup. ‘Industrial’ is a catch all for anything that oozes a modern and raw aesthetic. Typically, it’s furniture made from reclaimed timber, a wood that’s been repurposed from industries of old. To learn more about this method of furniture production, read our in depth article on reclaimed wood and its popularity. What’s more, wooden industrial-style furniture is often paired with muted metallics and tends to be made from neutral to darker shades of materials. It’s refined yet integrally raw and, in many cases, wonderfully modern feeling.

Farmhouse vs Industrial, the key differences

When perusing the options on IO Living there’s an important difference with reclaimed wood furniture to think about; Rural rustic-chic vs industrial decor. Sometimes these two styles blur and merge but in our selections, we’re keen to highlight the differences. With the rustic farmhouse models you can expect lighter tones and often there are white painted bases or traditional constructions. All in all these are a little more idyllic and classic feeling. Visit both our Modern Farmhouse and White and Grey ranges for prime examples of Farmhouse furniture. With industrial furniture, however, you’ll find darker, more metallic tones and a generally rawer aesthetic, but also a notably more modern feel. Whether that’s sleeker finishes or various materials combined. Our Urban range is probably our best example of this.

modern farmhouse large sideboard with lamps on either end of surface and painting hung on the wall above


Urban Sideboard Large vs Modern Farmhouse Large Sideboard

Choosing an industrial-style dining table.

Where else to start but our dining table collection?! The Urban dining table is easily our best example of a true industrial-style dining table. The chunky reclaimed pine surface in a neutral brown is all the better for its imperfections and markings, plus it has been lacquer finished to seal in the integral quality of the wood.. This is then set upon a muted brushed steel frame in trademark industrial decor grey. We think this super trend-focussed set is the very definition of the contemporary industrial dining table, in so many ways. Available in two sizes and it can extend easily with an add on extension leaf, this table will suit apartments, modern homes and neutral interior schemes. Pair with select benches and dining chairs, which we will get to in a moment.

Another chic option for modern homes is the Loft dining table. This Acacia wood table benefits from an altogether sleeker thinner surface than the Urban dining table, which is set on a stylish brushed nickel base. The beautiful Acacia wood finish is both interesting and moody so it would undoubtedly make a prime addition to style-focussed modern homes.

If none of the above take your fancy, perhaps the majestic Valencia dining table will suit your home. This dining table is a fabulous example of industrial-style furniture that leans into a more polished and modern-art inspired look. Find two styles of tables, round and rectangle, as well as different sizes available in the rectangle. This time, solid oak is used for the chunky surface that is then set on trademark splayed metallic bases. Both timeless and contemporary.


Valencia Smokey Dark Oak Dining Table on stone floor in front of place stone fireplace


Choosing industrial seating

Whether it’s an out and out dining chair or a versatile seat for the home, there’s a notable assortment of industrial seating options to consider. We tend to think the combination of leather, real or faux, combined with metal represents fantastic industrial-style furniture. There are plenty of options to fawn over in industrial style decor seating available on Inside Out Living. Specifically, the Dali chair that is paired with the Valencia dining table is a chic option. Benches also provide a worthy seat for casual dining and hallways, the Urban benches are a clear frontrunner but the Loft bench along with the Bergen dining bench are valid considerations too. We love the details in the woodwork and the various metallics chosen for these examples.


Industrial styled storage & living room tables

Industrial-style furniture is sometimes referred to as ‘warehouse chic’, which makes sense as the raw materials and metallics often used echo the materials found in warehouses. With storage options to consider, there’s plenty that play into this aesthetic. Find stylish options in the Urban range in two sizes, with appealing brushed metallic handles and struts. Whilst the deconstructed design of The Metal Frame Media Unit in Antique Gold satisfies all needs to scale back and simplify. The Loft sideboard offers extremely good looking acacia wood finishes contrasted with metallic detailing plus plenty of room to store household clutter. See the Loft Sideboard for a more slimline low lying alternative, with no less of the chic vibes.

Lastly, there’s a fabulous array of coffee tables & console tables to look over when considering industrial furniture. From the refined stripped back Simple Noir Console Table to the intriguing design of the Matte Oak Coffee Table, pictured below, there’s plenty of industrial decor options.

Matte Oak Coffee Table Black

The wide array of choice of industrial decor available through Inside Out Living is something we’re continually building upon. We’ve also put together a handy list of 8 Industrial-style furniture & decor ideas a little while ago which will help further shine a light on this style of decor, and what will and won’t work in your home.

We hope you find a stylish new article for your home, or perhaps you already own a piece? Remember, by tagging us in your home pics on Instagram @ioliving and including the tag #miolving with IO Living purchased items you stand a chance to won £100 gift card!



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We'll email you a voucher worth £10 off your first order over £50, excludes sale items. Cannot be used with any other sale, offer or discount. By subscribing you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy. Offer only valid for new subscribers.