This summer, there is no better time to host a summer garden party for a small group of our friends and families – to spend some quality time together after a long while apart. However, we all know that the British weather can be somewhat temperamental and can often throw a spanner into the works when we have plans for a garden party. That is why we have popped together a guide on how to host the perfect summer garden party in the rain!

How To Keep Your Guest Dry

Consider investing in some decent garden parasols to protect your guests and beautiful garden party from the rain. Just make sure that this will need to be big enough to cover the vast majority of your garden. One of our most sought after parasols here at InsideOut Living is our Bramblecrest Square Cantilever parasol. This Bramblecrest parasol can tilt left, right, up and down as well as rotate 360 degrees, providing all the movement needed to provide shade wherever the sun is in the sky. The canopy of this garden parasol is made out of water-resistant polycotton and the pole is powder-coated aluminium to ensure it remains untarnished. Comes with a granite parasol base and water-resistant parasol cover in Sand.

How To Keep Your Guests Warm

Along with wet weather, there often comes along a cooler breeze in the air, that is why we would highly recommend thinking about a fire pit or a chiminea. Not only are fire pits and chimineas extremely practical by keeping your guests warm when the sun goes down, but they also provide beautiful ambient lighting to your garden party and will definitely be a conversation starter.

How To Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

Despite the rain, there are great ways to provide comfort to your guests. Consider placing blankets in wicker baskets around your garden. This is a great way of having everything on hand for your guests at your garden party – it is also great for limiting the number of people that you have inside of your house.

We would highly recommend having a spacious garden furniture set that will seat the majority of your guests, you can take a look at our garden furniture that is designed for 8 people here, although our beautiful garden furniture pieces start from sets that sit up to 4 people. When hosting a garden party in the rain, we would recommend that you purchase a garden furniture set that has the ability for a parasol to be placed into the centre of the table. This will ensure that your guest will stay dry as well as your table arrangements and food.

How To Make Your Guests Feel Special

At garden parties, the smallest touches have the biggest impact, here are some easy DIY decoration ideas that you can create at home, to make your guests feel special:

  • Create some bunting to decorate a fence or wall – Bunting is a great way to soften the look of a wall or fence and can also be incorporated into the theme of your garden party.
  • Lanterns – You can simply make lanterns by recycling and reusing your old tin cans. Simply sketch out the design you would like on the outside of your tin, and then add small holes to follow along the lines of your sketch. Finally, simply add a tea light candle and you are good to go!
  • Wheelbarrow drinks cooler – A wheelbarrow drinks cooler is a great alternative to a simple drinks bucket. If your garden party is a little bit more quirky, why not add ice and drinks to a wheelbarrow, rather than a traditional bucket?
  • Homegrown flower centrepieces – You can create beautiful flower centrepieces for your garden simply from the flowers that you have grown in your own garden. You can make these and big or as small and dainty as you like.
  • Personalised name tags – Create personalised name tags for people that are coming along to your garden party. This is a brilliant way of stopping people from moving around too much and swapping seats when social distancing is being practised – Whilst, of course, being a great personal touch to your summer garden party.
  • Personalised glass/ cups for guests to drink from – Personalised glasses are great for allowing your guests to keep as a favour and also making sure glasses do not get muddled up during the current circumstances! You can be as creative as you like, and also tailor these small glasses to suit every one of your guests in their own way.

We hope that you take all of these tips into consideration when you are hosting your garden parties this summer, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram into the pictures of your beautiful setups and use the #iolivinghomestyle.



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