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Grey In All It’s Glory

What do people have against grey? Sure, it’s a colour more likened to overcast skies, bleary thoughts, an expression for the nondescript patch between certainties and even a feeling of apathy. It is also used as a signifier of the average, the medial or outright mediocre. So, why would anybody look to champion such a wishy-washy hue with all those feelings of ‘meh’ around it? Well, because grey is totally and utterly middle-of-the-road-perfect and that’s why the InsideOut Living team adore it! Grey furniture is the status quo, grey home décor is the bar to measure to, everyone should have their own grey sofa in their lives. Grey just works.

Let us explain a little, in a home décor sense grey is a colour that satisfyingly compliments pretty much any other scheme of colours and truly most home interior planning. Its inoffensive nature is entirely its charm offensive. Without grey furniture, we’d likely find ourselves cast adrift in a sea of ghastly overbearing and sight filling garish limbo. It forms the basis of pastels; a very light grey is the ingredient to mix with striking primaries to achieve the desired mellower hue. Whilst its position next to another bolder brighter colour – an array of colourful cushions on a demure light grey sofa, for instance, can instantly aid muting and add complexity to its neighbour. In short, the colour grey is essential to home and garden décor as we know it. Grey home décor is here to stay! 

Through grey it is possible to enjoy other colours and shades, if you choose a focal piece to designate as grey, the rest of the room has chance to speak out. Our favourite picks from our current selection of grey furniture include this stylish nordic two seater sofa and the townhouse day bed sofa. We think this subtly appealing and incredibly soft Faux fur cushion and soft fringed silver throw would nicely compliment a grey sofa. We’re also of the feeling that as far as grey home décor is concerned this classic styled Stone Washed Bermondsey Chair would fit remarkably well into many homes, nestled in a corner next to a bookcase perhaps. 

Feel like you need to graduate away from the safe grey sofa or chair and explore the wider scope of grey furniture? In regards to storage solutions we believe you can’t go far wrong with the large rural sideboard, an exercise in tasteful elegance meets practicality, its built-in 12 slot wine bottle holder is a stroke of genius that will have you covered for social engagements for years to come. You could always place on top the beautiful Large Caldera Vase,  a precious and ornate porcelain style piece, add a couple of long-stalked flowers for the injection of garden colour in the home. 

Grey home décor solutions are seemingly endless once you begin looking, just through InsideOut Living you are more than well served with over 200 items ranging from home accessories and indoor grey furniture to fully fledged garden sets such as the plush Bramblecrest Sofa Set with Adjustable Table. Similarly the outdoor dining sets we offer in multiple shades of grey such as dove and beech are always popular, the Hartman Curve 6 Seater Round Garden Dining Set comes complete with a super useful ‘lazy Susan’ rotating serving tray, meaning you’ll be able to serve your guests effortlessly whilst explaining the virtues of grey home décor to them. 



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