The first May Bank Holiday signals another chance to transform the garden into a space buzzing with conversation, laughter, games and fond catch-ups. Bringing folks together is in some people’s DNA, having the knack of hosting a truly memorable garden party will be second nature to those. However, for most it’s a trickier task preceded by moments of genuine panic; have I catered to everyone’s dietary needs? Is there a suitable variety of refreshments? Have we enough seating? Is Sue bringing her unruly 5 year old? What if the weather doesn’t play ball and blankets won’t suffice? Well, on that last point people up and down these fair isles are taking action. Patio heaters, and especially firepits, have seen an impressive rise in popularity in recent years. But, why now? They’ve been around longer than a decade, why the sharp rise in positive reputation all of a sudden?

Firepit Hype – Why believe it?

Passing trends litter the garden industry, we’re looking at you questionable crazy paving, aging rock gardens and garish swing ball sets! So, what makes firepits resilient against banishment onto the dusty pile of garden fads? Well, it’s likely their functional nature fused with chic modern style. Also, the guest-pleasing readiness a firepit table offers. It’s probably one of the best outdoor party pleasers to have at your disposal – a natural focal point for people to gather around, a centrepiece of warmth and conversation.

Light Up The Event With Style, Food and Memories

Bank Holiday weekends are to be experienced and cherished, now more than ever. Raise a glass to moments shared with friends and family, memories created and sunny days ahead. However, when the sun does retreat behind stubborn cloud cover or simply the bustle of the evening exceeds daylight hours, firepit garden furniture comes into its own. Many designs have gauges that allow variable heat output and come with glass panels for wind shielding. Although it’s the comfort levels that have people talking in recent years, newer models have thicker seat cushions with wider expanses to lounge.

Corner units are seeing particular popularity in recent times. Sleek aluminium dining sets have carved out a suave niche. Ranges like the Hartman Apollo series showcase a refined contemporary cool that aches to be placed on decking, patios or in courtyards.

But, make sure you don’t get too comfortable so that you forget the guests. Entertaining remains high on the agenda with a well selected firepit. Some ingenious add on accessories are emerging within the market, bringing more excitement into the mix for any garden soiree. For example, there’s alfresco grilling fused with the impressive Bramblecrest firepit ranges, able to accommodate a specially designed clip-in iron griddle for communal sizzling, surely an instant party pleaser. Whilst other garden connoisseurs such as already mentioned Hartman, have ventured into exciting realms of reclining sofa seat sections.

Hey, Good Looking!

It’s not our place to tell you aesthetic value wins the day, however when it comes to styling a garden this really isn’t far from the truth. Any garden party is going to live long in the memory with beautiful, comfortable furniture for your guests. The great thing is whichever style holds sway in your outdoor space, a brimming market of options now exists to cater to it. Kettler is another fantastic garden brand bringing high-end design, craftsmanship, comfort and critically looks to the outdoors. Their beautiful firepit sets tend to impress many whilst Kettler mini corner sofa designs are sure to suit more compact spaces, yet still meets the mark for entertaining into the early hours.

Late Night Tales: Flickering Magic and Intrigue

Night_Time_Shot_of_Fire_Pit_Garden_Furniture_In_Plant_Lined_CourtyardFirepits are irresistibly modern yet still offer that primeval celebratory experience. With alluring details that conjure campfires and beach bonfires, such as stylish composite lava rocks. It’s now easier than ever before to bring the flicker and magic of open flame into the garden. We’ve noticed popularity for special spaces carved out with decorative fairy lights, candles and lanterns that complement the furniture – all the makings for a memorable evening of late night conversation.


Leave a Lasting Mark

Whether your Bank Holiday get together resembles a night of cosy catch-up conversation, lively stereo speaker cajoling or an alfresco feast to remember, firepit garden furniture tends to provide highly sociable settings that are prime for hosting special evenings. 

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