‘Classic is classic’, it’s a peculiar little circular phrase that may on the surface seem to mean little. But, dig a little deeper and the wonderful simplicity and logic make perfect sense.

See, we here at InsideOut Living are always on the search for styles and trends that delight and provide new exciting home and garden opportunities, having a home to be proud of is very important. We also like to think we’ve hit upon some fabulous designs and options for your special space and we’re forever keeping a keen eye open for new inspiring pieces. However, there is one staple we always return to, over and over; classic styling. In our view, it doesn’t come any more tried and tested, and ever-popular, than outdoor cast aluminium garden furniture. Still and always a big hit for anybody’s outdoor patio or garden, timeless style embodied. After all classic is, well, classic.

There’s just something very sophisticated and old-world ornate about cast aluminium stylings which will always fit perfectly into the British garden, it simply belongs. Whether a two-seater bistro set, or a table and chairs dining combination or a stand-alone 2 seater bench. Perhaps it does for you, as it does us, evoke warm sunny memories of slurping ice creams feet dangling over the edges of a grandparent’s bench, not quite touching the floor. It’s true that a-typical traditional furniture in this style was likely cast in wrought iron and as a result, a singular piece weighed more than both of your grandparents and their Volvo. With cast aluminium this is simply no longer a consideration, it’s super lightweight and by its very nature is extremely resistant to the elements, it will never rust. The same science that means it resists rusting allows it to be easily cleaned and maintained.

Before we get too bleary-eyed from nostalgic thoughts of sunny afternoons of yesteryear it’s important to point out that classic also crosses nicely into 2019, with some great modern touches, garden furniture sets deftly informed by the traditional. We can’t get enough of the Hartman Range, such as the attractive Hartman Amalfi Round Table 6 Seater Dining Table Set, it handily comes with water-resistant cushions, whilst the inclusion of a centre table Solar-Parasol gives thankful respite from the afternoon sun. The quite frankly borderline bourgeoisie inspired Bistro Ice Bucket Table seethes decadence, darling. We love it, two wondrous constructions in one item. Is there no better excuse to chill down a bottle of white? You could even open it before your other half returns home for the day, who are we to say.



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