If you’re anything like us you’ll sometimes be sat at home and take a moment to halt and briefly take stock of your surroundings and wind up asking the same question:  how on earth did I end up with so much household stuff!? So, then comes the inevitable problem that follows – where to store the bits and bobs of the, (perhaps not day to day), but week to week? This conundrum hits that little harder when factoring in all the different styles and sizes of homes. Which is why today we’ve compiled some handy suggestions we’ve stumbled across on storage ideas for small houses. So here’s our quick reference list of 5 modern relevant solutions and household storage units that will best work for cosy homes or apartments.


1 Solid Oak Sideboards Aren’t Always Humongous

Certainly, the label sounds like these will forever be grandeur, stately and well; large. This just isn’t always the case. There is plenty of size variation to pour over with both traditional and modern oak living room furniture. In our collection is the Barcelona Sideboard which represents a lovely slim option for household storage. Yes, it is long, but what it packs in length it reduces in slenderness at a mere 45cm, meaning it could slide ever so nicely into many hallways, living room configurations or kitchens. We love that it packs in a modern feeling three drawer left panel with two hinged door compartments to the right, all finished in solid oak and wood veneer.


2. Minamilist Household Storage Units

Storage ideas for small houses don’t just come in the form of traditional and substantial oak living room furniture, we’re seeing an uptick in modern minimalist trends in recent years. That is to proudly display household possessions on open framework styled sideboards. Items like books, magazines and trinkets needn’t be stored away out of sight. We’re rather taken with the sleek design of The Metal Frame Sideboard, its mere 30cm depth should slot in nicely to challenging spaces. The airy design is also easier on the eye, perfect for tighter spaces, rather than a sometimes overbearing looking solid wood clad sideboard.


3. Think About Switching From Oak Sideboards

Whereas solid oak sideboards are naturally sought after and rightly a lovely addition to many homes. There are ample alternatives with varying wood constructions. One enduring style of modern furniture is the shabby chic trend. We see many beautifully constructed household storage units made from reclaimed timber and made into adorable pieces, such as the gorgeous rustic Modern Farmhouse Small Sideboard which is made from refurbished pine. The size will wholly suit a compact space but also rises pleasingly high giving plenty of room to place belongings.


4. Baskets Built for Bearing Belongings

Baskets represent perhaps the most versatile storage ideas for small houses, they’re inherently compact and when not in use simply stack them and stow. The wonderful thing about these wicker wonders is they always look the part – whether you plump for traditional or modern there seems to be something to suit anybody’s style. We’re very into the rural feel of the Rustica Round Baskets, which come in a set of 3, perfect for possessions of different sizes.


5. Media Units Are Double Use

We’re all for taking out two problems with one swipe and that’s what a carefully selected Media Unit can represent. Whereas solid oak sideboards or timber cabinets can often seem appealing to match to a media unit sometimes a space will just not physically allow both. Which is why we’re of the thinking that if chosen wisely a Media Unit will serve perfectly as a household storage unit and home for the TV and consoles. We think the slender Retro Media Unit, which has a 38cm depth, will fit the bill for many.

The above are just 5 of the best storage ideas for small houses that we’ve encountered, we encourage getting creative and seeing what works best for your space.


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