Valentines Day 2021 is certainly going to be different to what we are used to, however, this does not mean that you can not enjoy time with your significant other. You can still make Valentine’s day a special one and now more than ever people need to know how loved and appreciated they really are. That is why we have created a list of at-home Valentine’s day ideas that you can enjoy…

1. Cook A Nice Meal Together

Cooking together is a great way to bond with your partner. Why not get dressed up, play some of your favourite music and cook a meal together that is special to you, such as recreating a meal from your favourite holiday or restaurant? This is a great way of making an occasion of an otherwise non-eventful part of the day. Go the extra mile and make sure that you get the full dining experience with a beautifully decorated dining room table, with your best silverware and dining accessories.

2. Virtual Double Date

Remember that every couple across the UK are in the same position as you, looking for at-home Valentine’s day ideas. Why not add some entertainment to the evening by having a virtual double date? At this point, there’s no doubt we’re all more than fed up of being at home, so seeing some different faces may be extremely welcomed. Play some games (Mr & Mrs is a classic) and enjoy your evening…

3. Have A Picnic In The Garden

Next on our list of at-home Valentine’s day ideas is to have a romantic picnic in the garden. We know it will be chilly, it is February after all, but creating a romantic picnic in the garden is an amazing way of feeling special. Make sure you have plenty of blankets and plenty of prosecco and you will have a wonderful time. Our top tip is to create ambient lighting to set the mood with candles or perhaps a chiminea or a firepit for a romantic vibe. This will ensure that you can stay outside all evening and enjoy your partner’s company.

4. Play Your Favourite Games

Who doesn’t love a games night? We think that a games night will be a great way to escape the stresses of the year so far and have fun with your partner. You could pick out each of your favourite games and play them alongside a takeaway. We would also advise making a pack at the beginning of the night to make sure that no arguments are caused, we know how competitive game nights can get…

5. Make A Fort And Watch A Movie

Building a fort and watching a movie is next on our list of at-home Valentine’s day ideas. Making a fort at home is super easy, all you need is lots of throws and cushions and you are well on your way! If you are unsure of what movie to watch, you could jot down a few ideas each and add them into a hat, and then draw out the winner. You also need to remember that no movie night is complete without a huge array of snacks – so make sure you are prepared.



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