Please visit the delivery section of our website for detailed information.

Generally deliveries take 3-5 business days. Smaller items will take 2-5 business days. Please visit our delivery section for a more detailed explanation of our delivery timelines and policies.

Within 1 working day of placing your order you should receive an email from one of the InsideOut Living customer care team advising you of the earliest date that we can deliver your order and asking when would be convenient for you from then onward. We will only ever book the delivery for a date that is convenient for you, but please note that we are unable to stipulate a time. Please view further details on our delivery page.

Unfortunately we don’t deliver internationally - we only deliver to the UK.

Yes, we deliver to all of the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland. Please be aware that deliveries to anywhere outside of mainland UK will take slightly longer than the 3-5 working days.

Our Customer Care team will advise you of the earliest date that we can deliver and then ask what date from then onward is most convenient for you to accept delivery. So in that respect, yes you can pick your day for delivery.

However, you are unable to request a specific timeslot on that day as that is down to our delivery company's delivery schedule. You will be advised the evening before your delivery date of your 2 hour delivery timeslot.

Within 1 working day of placing your order you should receive an email from one of the InsideOut Living customer care team advising you of the earliest date that we can deliver your order. You will be contacted the evening before your delivery date to organise your 2 hour delivery timeslot, but please note that we are unable to stipulate a specific time. Please also note the timeslots are managed with our delivery partner's schedule in mind, but we will always strive to reach a suitable timeframe agreed upon with our customers.

Please accept what they do have and call us at your convenience - 01173-322-689 and explain the scenario to our customer care team. We will call up our delivery partners (Panther) immediately to find out what has happened with your remaining products and update you. Typically in these sceanrios we're able to reunite you with the remainder of your items soon after the first delivery.


No, unfortunately we are unable to take orders and payment via phone for security reasons. All orders therefore need to be placed online

No, Unfortunately we’re unable to take orders and payment via email for security reasons. All orders therefore need to be placed online.

Deliveries are 3-5 working days from date of order, 2-5 on smaller items. So long as your product is ordered before 3pm on Friday your order will be dealt with as Monday being the first working day. If your order is placed after 3pm on a Friday or during the weekend it may be processed during the Monday meaning Tuesday would count as the first working day, in this instance you may therefore receive your email to organise delivery on the Monday afternoon.

Please call one of our customer care team on 01173 322 689, who will happily guide you through the process of ordering online. Alternatively you can also reach us on our live chat function, (found in the bottom right of the screen, click 'chat with us' ) where a team member can also help you through the process.

If you ordered less than 24 hours ago, please bear with us. Our customer care team work through all the orders chronologically and so you will be contacted in due course.

Please note - if your order was placed after 3pm on a Friday or during the weekend then you will be contacted on Monday regarding delivery. Please also check your junk folder for any emails from in case our emails have been filed there.

Stock questions

No, not right now. We are an online-only company but to compensate that we have a generous 30 day free returns policy. If you have product specific questions please feel free to ask us via email or alternatively speak to us through our live chat function. Or you can always call us on 01173-322-689

Unfortunately at this time we're unable to source products not listed in our current inventory or that have never been stocked through us, nor can we pre-order for our next stock replenishment. For specific brands you may find the product located on that company website. If you had ideas for what you think InsideOut Living should stock in the future please email with an existing web link(s). We value customer feedback on our range of goods.

Yes, sure. Please email with the exact product you're after. We'll also be able to give a rough timeframe for when this will be restocked, or let you know if we aren’t due to get any more stock in.

In some cases we can. Please email with details of the item you are interested in and we will advise if it is possible.

No, unfortunately we don't have any samples or material swatches to send out for any of our products. If you had specific product questions please feel free to email or reach us via our live chat function.

Dimensions and Measurements

All measurements, dimensions and weight information is to be found in the 'SPECS' section of our product descriptions.

For measurements not listed in our product specs please email and detail the product name/brand as well as the precise part or piece you're referencing. We will often need to contact our warehouse to manually measure the item or sometimes we will contact our suppliers to access that information and as such this can sometimes take a day or two.

Sale? Discounts?

We aren't one of those companies who are forever putting products into and out of sale, instead we price our products very competitively all year round to ensure our customers benefit from good value all the time, and not just in the sale months. You'll notice some of the products will show a marked down price, that's to illustrate the saving made from recommended retail price (RRP).

You can save 10% if buying one of our sets of dining furniture vs buying the individual items separately. Our pre-made sets already have this 10% saving applied but you can also mix and match other tables and seating too, to make up your dream set, for which we will also happily talk to you about potential savings/discounts.

If you are also looking to buy multiple items from us, then we may be able to provide you with a small discount. This depends on the items being considered. Please just get in contact. Generally speaking we aim to sell our items at a good price all year round.

Occasionally we do offer blanket discounts. To be the first to find out about these, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well as signing up to the mailing list for our newsletter. You can sign up by scrolling to the bottom of the page and entering your email address.

We love hearing from interior designers and other tradespeople. Please contact our customer care team on to discuss working together. Please be aware that to benefit from any trade discount you will first be asked to provide proof of business/trade.


No, our delivery partners provide speedy and efficient service from warehouse all the way to a selected room within your house (or garden) but will not be able to help with any aspect of assembly. They should however happily stay to help unpack the items for you and take away packaging if required.

Please check the inside walls of all of the boxes, sometimes the hardware will be taped to the interior. In cases of garden sets please also check the interiors (and undersides) of the couches and beneath the cushions, as the suppliers will sometimes tape the hardware to the sides. If you can still not find any fittings or fixings after thoroughly checking, please contact our customer care team via phone, email or live chat.

Please check under the 'SPECS' tab on the specific product page, where it will inform you if there is any element of assembly required. If you are still unsure please do contact us for clarification.

Warranty/Quality Issues Information

Manufacturer warranties and guarantees apply to certain products, more details of which can be found on the individual product pages under the 'SPECS' tab. For Bramblecrest products you need to ensure you register your product with them within 28 days of receiving the goods, to benefit from the extended warranty.

Please email with your name and order number, attach some concise and clear photos of the issue and describe what the issue is. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a course of action. InsideOut Living will always endeavour to aid any quality concerns and reach amicable solutions for our customers. Please note, that InsideOut Living cannot be held responsible for damage that was caused through normal wear and tear. For more detailed policies on faulty items please see our refunds and returns page.

Payment and Finance options

On items over £300 we offer a 0% interest credit option via our finance providers, duologi. Opting for this means you can pay in instalments over 6, 9, or 12 months. For qualifying products, you are able to see a breakdown of how much the monthly instalments would be by clicking 'more info' next to the duologi logo on the relevant product page. To select this option you need to add the item to your basket, enter your delivery details and then when you get to the payment screen, select the last option - 'pay with interest free finance'. You will then be taken through a brief application form and informed of the finance providers decision almost instantaneously.

You can pay via credit or debit card, apple pay, paypal or using our interest free finance option.

Common Product Care Questions

For best cleaning care of your rattan product firstly brush off lightly with a broom or brush, then simply wash using a non corrosive/harsh cleaning product diluted - (we recommend a splodge of washing up liquid added into a large bucket of warm water). Then use a handheld brush dipped into the water for best results, this will force any debris or dirt inbetween the weave to dislodge whilst ridding any surface grime, feel free to use an old toothbrush for any stubborn areas. Rinse when finished. Any glass table top cleaning: firstly wipe down with a clean cloth and then use glass cleaner and kitchen paper as you would with windows of inside your home.

For best cleaning after care of your cast aluminium product it's extremely simple - add some household washing up liquid to hot water in a bucket, mix to get the suds frothy and use a sponge to simply wipe down and in between the grate. For any stubborn parts use a scrubbing sponge or an old toothbrush, rinse off when finished.

It's really a preference choice, as the wood is previously distressed for effect the design has years of use in mind, it will look fine or better (depending on individual taste) taking some small surface nicks and knocks. If retaining the surface's petina is a concern we recommend brushing off regularly and then the use of a light wood polish with a very weak and non corrosive nature.

This is a preference of choice, too. There is a multitude of ways to achieve good care for your nickel product. Metallic spray products are one way - always check the instructions and compatibility on the cleaning product packaging before use. We suggest the least corrosive or chemically harsh treatment, which is as follows - first attempt to rid the dirt/grime with a standard soft polish cloth. If the stains persist add some soft non-corrosive easy care dish soap or regular hand soap to some warm (not hot) water use a brush or old toothbrush to work off any problem patches or smears, feel free to temporarily submerge product if it'll fit. Rinse off any soap residue with luke warm water and then dab dry with a tea towel and lastly polish up with a soft buffing cloth as much as you like for desired sheen.

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