Truly no one expected a home-nations team to actually reach the Euro 2020 football final, so with yesterday’s game bringing in the pleasantly unexpected news, attentions now turn to Sunday. For those interested footy fans keen to indulge in the festivities of the big game, or for all of those that simply love getting together for a communal sporting event, garden parties are a fantastic way to celebrate. So, to lend you a hand if you’re planning on hosting a garden shindig this Sunday for the big game, we’ve put together some fantastic outdoor party ideas for this particularly exciting occasion. 

Alfresco treats – be generous and keep it simple

Firstly, the focus should rightly be on providing a worthy spread of alfresco bites and refreshments for guests. Nobody wants to attend an all-afternoon summer party in the sunshine and leave with an empty stomach, so providing a worthy pick of treats for your guests should be a priority. That said, keep it simple so the focus can rightly be on the sporting spectacle. We think vegetables, croutons, dips and dishes like hummus and baba ghanouj will cater to a wide array of people as these are easy, nutritious and tasty. Pair with crisps also for those craving some salty snacks. Providing individual plates and plenty of serving spoons in these hygiene-aware times are wise outdoor party ideas to stick to.

Party garden games – stay on theme and entertain

This is a super simple fix for a sport-viewing summer party, so be sure to apply it to any sporting event in the garden;  provide the game that’s filling the screen for the lawn itself. In this case, have a small soft football handy for those wanting to have a little kick around, and emulate those taking the field. Keeping the ball soft means it’s inclusive for all ages and will encourage more participation. Other riffs on the game could include (if space allows) a ‘footballgolf’ hole target or a small mini-goal net(s). For those that aren’t fussed on the beautiful game, you could have available garden games like boules, hoop throwing, or even bean bag toss.

Post match music entertainment – be prepared for all eventualities

Music is one of those outdoor party ideas that may seem obvious, but actually requires a lot more thought and planning than you might think. During the actual match there’s going to be plenty of people solely invested in the action that you could whack on whatever background music which takes your fancy, no need to overthink it. After the game, and depending on the concluding result, is the time to pick your song choices to cater to the atmosphere. A win for the popular favourites amongst your guests will mean you can let loose with some anthemic and celebratory tunes. Pretty sure there’s a certain 90’s song about Lions that might rouse some people, just a thought. If the result goes the other way have some uplifting yet not too jubilant music choices to hand.

Provide seating comfort for your guests come what may

Let’s face it, it’s only a game anyhow. The certainties are that come what may people at your summer party will need to be sat in comfort. So perhaps the pinnacle of all outdoor party ideas is as simple as providing capable, comfortable seating! We think the benefits of a social design such as furniture like garden corner sets, and daybeds are great whilst simple garden benches will work too. The more cushioning the better for those up and down off-chair moments. With choosing brands like Kettler, Hartman and Bramblecrest you’ll never be let down with the superior comfort available. The weather has been a little temperamental recently too, so you may want to make sure you have some parasols, and perhaps even an outdoor heater, close by just in case.

The key thing to remember when considering all and any outdoor party ideas is an awareness of your guests’ needs and to keep things light-hearted and fun for all. We think using the snippets above are a sure-fire way to get the event right. So, there’s only the football left to make or break the day. However, if your summer party is put together thoughtfully and guaranteed to be memorable, it won’t matter anyway! Enjoying the company of friends and family after the trying year we’ve all had will be celebration enough.



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