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Adding those hard-earned final touches to your space are an essential component in satisfying the full and finished decorating project. There are some articles that are inescapably essential, yet ideally need to be low key and remain nearly unnoticed in the scheme of things. We think the humble and playful modern side table fits that mold; practical on all counts, yet unassuming but also a perfect means to inject some stylistic nous and personality into the living space. Ideally, we think a side table shouldn’t ever visually-scream or take over affairs. Instead it should act to complement or add a visual quirk or complexity to the room. It should also offer function as well as form, easy reaching distance and in some cases multi-tier. So, today we’ve compiled a handy ‘what’s what’ on picking the perfect side table for your living room, bedroom, bathroom or just about any room in the home.

We’ve headed into this by exploring different modern side table options within stylistic categories, that’s not to say that tables within these little subsets won’t cross over in form and even function. A small round side table may just as well function in a living room as it would as a skinny bedside table, for example. It’s all interchangeable, so treat this as a loose guide. Who knew there was so much option and enjoyment to take from the humble side table!? Well, there really is – let’s get going!


Our Easy Guide To Pick The Perfect Side Table



Teak Side TableThe first type we’re exploring are those that don’t fit an a-typical visual mold, rather excel with touches of the fanciful, bizarre or artful. Quirky designs will always be a popular option in the side table stakes as often people on the hunt for these small articles are looking to only buy as a singular, and therefore the piece isn’t necessarily penned in by matching an existing coffee table or dining table, they have the licence to be more playful and creative by nature. That being said it is important not to overblow this representation, as touched on at the start of this article; some key elements and focal colours should ideally match the surrounding décor.

In regards to these offerings through InsideOut Living we’re entirely keen on the rustic yet creative surface of the Teak Side Table, an intriguing assembly of thick cut teak wood disks are formed tightly together to make a wonderful textured circular top. This modern side table is then bound together with iron frame legs bent into a curious tripod shape. We would of course be skimming if we weren’t to mention the wonderful Acacia Side Table which would just as well work nicely as a unique bedside table. This three tier open ended acacia wood design benefits from a textured and dimpled outer two panel aesthetic, which will spark conversation. It’s also as useful as it is beautiful, giving plenty of room to store belongings on its two inner shelves – which is why we think it may work particularly well beside a bed. Lastly, we’re also really feeling the unforgettable Chunky Side Table again as it could operate just as solidly as a skinny bedside table as a living room piece. A huge chunky slab of mango wood occupies the surface and is expertly fixed to the iron frame. It being a skinny version is especially useful as a bedstand with space at a premium for many people.


Refined & Design Conscious

The Designer Side Table in BlackNow, almost at the other end of the spectrum of this modern side table round up are the refined, minimalist and overly sleek designs. These would slot perfectly into many modern homes where less is more. Airy and structural in many ways, these are really designed so the eye can view them with ease and help to acknowledge the room’s style, rather than punctuate it. Finishes of metal and ceramics are popular in this genre, as are angular and graciously simplistic shapes. With only a couple exceptions, they tend to stick to a rectangular or square topped form. We think a cocktail is the deserving item to place atop!


Our range of offerings showcase a chic variety of tables suitable for any number of rooms, including the bedroom or hallway. In fact if your bed frame is a metallic structure it might make more sense to add in a skinny bedside table such as the Brennan Side Table , a lovely slender and tall small round side table with glass top, surely it would slide beside a bed just as well as an armchair. Whereas we think a hallway would doubtless suit the elegant looks of The Designer Side Table where a mirror glass slab-top steals the show, place florals or candles on this surface for extra visual pop, it’s a modern side table that will best work with a style of home that doesn’t shy away from a little bit of glitz. Whilst our pick for the true understated wood-on-metal-frame option would most certainly be the lovely and unique Matte Oak Tray Side Table, a design that firmly benefits from an intriguing lip tray design and muted finishes of the oak top. Certainly this would work as a unique bedside table, also.



The Retro Side TablePerhaps the most versatile type of table, one which will fit nicely into most rooms in the home and pleases the most people, is the small round side table. A circular surface provides not only a playful and symmetrical shape for any room, but asserts itself as a space saving option. This type of table is nearly always slimmer and easier placed into spaces than cubic counterparts. Round side tables truly come in all materials and styles and seem to be adored by furniture designers time and again.


When examining our round modern side table collections there’s a splendid variety of styles to look splendour at. Whether that be the quaint and super traditional wood finishes displayed by the adorable Colonial Side Table with Drawer , a piece with clear leanings to a French colonial style of furniture. Or perhaps the more bold and brash art deco feeling of a modern side table such as The Brown Marble Side Table , there’s a wide spectrum to peruse over. Perhaps one of our favourites remains the super stylish Retro Side Table , which also does extremely well from a marble surface but instead texturally contrasts against the moody acacia wood finished base.



The Serenity Nest of 2 TablesAs function best pairs with form these next options pair excellently and seamlessly also. Nested side tables have become a hit in recent years. Whether used as crafty space saving options in the bedroom in lieu of a skinny bedside table or simply to use as a unique bedside table  they are also now entirely popular in the realms of the living room, too. Nested tables offer the ingenuity of creating a whole other surface for whichever need the user may have but at no cost to space, storing away pleasingly beneath the taller sibling table. We love how these look and perform in so many ways, but perhaps how the numerous designs now produced offer a really playful take on this age old trick.


The InsideOut Living range of the nested modern side table looks to provide a lovable and varied cross section. We can’t ignore the creative and easy-to-love charm of The Serenity Nest Tables , a cubic open ended design that seamlessly fits within itself, simple and pleasingly effective. Whilst the cute and super friendly Bergen Nested Side Table provides a triangular Scandinavian option, which would also be nicely used as a unique bedside table just as well as in a study or living room. There’s also the traditional versions of this practical design, see the irresistible finishes of the mahogany on display in The Atlantic Nested Side Table, which leads on nicely to our last style to examine…



The Colonial Side TableThe traditional cast of table, although not considered technically a modern side table per sé, honours and exudes time honoured looks. Sometimes you just can’t beat classic! That’s not to say function isn’t inbuilt into may of these articles, small lower shelves and drawers feature heavily in this type of table.

When looking at the options available through InsideOut Living we’ve got particular love for the smoky mindy wood finishes of the Colonial Side Table and the simplistic elegance of the Nordic inspired Bergen Side Table – complete with magazine shelf.  Whereas the Atlantic range will always have a place in our affections too. See the neat and rural feeling Atlantic Side Table which we think ticks so many boxes within any home, it’s impossible to not mention this one.



So, where does that leave us – well, it’s left us with a serious new found appreciation for the cute unassuming modern side table! A truly versatile little pocket rocket packed full of plenty of options for literally any home. We’re off to review our current side table game and update accordingly. Let us know if you find one which becomes a beloved piece in your home and feel free to share the inspo by tagging us on social media such as Instagram, facebook and pinterest.



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