A coffee table often ends up becoming the focal point of the living room, and so you want to ensure that it’s looking its best. Whatever style of decor you have in your home, make your coffee table the centrepiece in the room with these 10 simple coffee table styling ideas. 

Style Up A Table Try

If you want to showcase items neatly and practically then setting them out on a table tray is the best way to do it. Arranging items such as books, flowers and newspapers onto a tray enables you to add decorative interest to your coffee table without causing it to become cluttered. This is a practical coffee table styling idea that leaves plenty of surface space for resting coffee mugs or working on, and you can simply move the tray around to create more space when you need it. 

Introduce An Accent Colour

Another top tip for coffee table styling is to use the table to introduce an accent colour into your living space. For example, in living spaces that have adopted a neutral colour palette, adding a colourful piece such as the Atlantic Drawer Coffee Table in Blue Grey is a simple yet effective way to introduce a hint of colour. Black coffee tables such as the Simple Noir Oak Coffee Table are also perfect for creating points of contrast in a neutral room. 

The Atlantic 1 drawer coffee table in blue grey with flowers and books on topSimple Noir Oak Coffee Table in black with vase and book on top

Stack Books

Books are a coffee table styling essential, however the books you choose and the way in which you arrange them is very important. When choosing books to showcase on your coffee table, try to pick a theme, such as fashion or lifestyle. The trick is to use a few thick books rather than a lot of thin books, as this can make the surface look cluttered. Stacking books is a great way to add height, and one of our favourite tricks is to stack three books and place a unique ornament on top to add character, texture and dimension to your coffee table styling. 

Maximise Texture

When thinking about how to style a coffee table, texture is key. Using a contrast of textures will draw the eye in, transforming your coffee table from a side element to a centrepiece. If you’re styling a wooden coffee table such as the Modern Light Oak Coffee Table, introduce texture by contrasting the wood with metal or ceramic ornaments and soft florals. Some coffee tables such as the Rattan Coffee Table will be full of texture on their own, and so in this instance keep it simple with the decorations for your coffee table styling.

The Modern Light Oak Coffee Table with vase and books on topRattan Coffee Table with vase, books and ornaments on top

Pare It Back

Effective coffee table styling involves a fine balance of adding interest without overcrowding the surface. Whilst you want to add points of interest through the likes of flowers, books and ornaments, the last thing you want is a table that feels cluttered and that loses its visual and practical appeal. The key to keeping it simple but interesting is choosing decorative elements selectively, such as choosing larger items over smaller trinkets. Larger ornaments have a big impact on coffee table styling without creating clutter like smaller trinkets can have a tendency to do.

Think About Underneath The Table

Many coffee tables are formed of more than one level, and so it’s important to consider all aspects when it comes to coffee table styling. For example, both the Bergen Coffee Table and the Tate Cube Coffee Table benefit from a magazine shelf that’s perfect for providing extra storage as well as offering another visual aspect. Make sure to arrange books and magazines stylishly on the lower level, being careful to keep it simple in order to complete the full look.

The Bergen Coffee Table with vase and ornaments on topThe Tate Cube Coffee Table with plants on top and books on magazibe shelf

Introduce Fragrance

We spend some of our most valuable time with family and friends sitting around the coffee table, and so it’s crucial that it’s an inviting space. Central to this is making the space smell nice. Adding a fragranced candle is a simple way to do this, whilst bringing another visual dimension to the table. You could choose a large, coloured candle to make a statement or a simple candle that complements a neutral colour palette. 

Use Greenery

Greenery and flowers are a crucial part of any coffee table styling. Adding a plant or flower (fake or real), adds softness and breathes life into the setting. It’s also a great way to add height and dimension. Depending on the style of decor you’re going for, you may want to add a simple green house plant or a larger bouquet of colourful flowers. For a beautifully rustic look, dried flowers are a perfect addition to the coffee table.

Add Height & Dimension

Another crucial coffee table styling idea that is often overlooked is to add height and dimension. This is done by using objects of different heights, shapes and sizes, such as placing a tall vase of flowers next to a flat trinket dish. You don’t want to use objects that are too tall and that will become impractical, however adding a variety of height creates stylish points of interest. This creates a balanced display that not only attracts attention, but takes the eye on a visual journey. 

Inject Some Personality

Whilst you want your coffee table styling to reflect a theme, it’s also important to make sure that your personality shines through. The coffee table is the perfect place to showcase a unique keepsake from your travels, or to showcase some of your most  beloved books. Start with the pieces that mean the most to you, and build the rest of your styling around them. Ultimately, you want the focal point of your room to reflect your individual style. 



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