With the weather starting to get colder, you’re probably thinking about how to prepare your garden for winter. Taking a few precautionary measures, will keep your garden protected during the colder months and allow you to make the most of your outdoor space in spite of the cooler temperatures. With this in mind, take a look at our following tips and recommendations on how to prepare your garden for winter. 

Dig up annual plants & trim perennials

Whilst annual plants are great for introducing summer colours into your garden, unfortunately they’re renowned for being unable to withstand the winter. That’s why it’s best to dig them up at the start of the winter season. Perennials on the other hand, are made of hardy stuff and are a lot better at surviving the colder weather. However, this does also mean that they can spread very quickly across the entire garden. So, in order to prevent perennials from taking over, make sure to cut them back to soil level. 

Give the lawn some TLC

During the summer months when we’re out in the garden a lot, it’s easy for the lawn to get worn down from overuse and the hot, dry weather. So when thinking about how to prepare your garden for winter, it’s always a good idea to give your lawn some much needed TLC. Fertilising your lawn will help restore it to health before the winter sets in, and adding a top layer of compost will help give it the important nutrients it needs. 

Clear away weeds

Nobody enjoys weeding, however unfortunately when it comes to thinking about how to prepare your garden for winter, weeding is an important job to get done. Leaving weeds to grow encourages pests like slugs and snails to come into the garden and much on spring seedlings. So, weeding in advance of the winter will ensure your garden is in tip top condition when spring comes around again. 

Cover up garden furniture2019 Hartman Curve / Linear Outdoor Cushion Storage Box - Cool Grey

During the winter months, the likes of frost, wind and rain can wear down garden furniture and cause it to rust and decay. That’s why covering up your garden furniture correctly is an important part of how to prepare your garden for winter. InsideOut Living provides corresponding garden furniture covers for our garden furniture sets, so that you can ensure they maintain their high quality, whatever the weather. Our outdoor storage boxes are also perfect for storing cushions and other outdoor items that you want to protect from the elements. 

Protect & cover plants

If you have pot plants that can be easily transported, it’s a good idea to move them to a more sheltered area of the garden, or into a greenhouse if you have one. Frost is another challenge to consider when thinking about how to prepare your garden for winter. When frost is forecast, it’s a good idea to throw some old newspaper or horticultural fleece over pots and plants temporarily. When it’s particularly cold, you may need to add a few layers for exposed plants. 

Add heaters & lightingKettler Palma Mini Firepit garden table set in an outdoor setting at dusk

Just because it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make the most of your outdoor space. Adding electric garden heaters and lanterns will help to create a cosy space that allows you to spend time outside in spite of the lower temperatures. Firepits are also a great way to create a cosy focal point to gather around. Our cosy collection of firepits and firepit tables are a popular winter garden addition, creating a warm space for catching up with loved ones or for enjoying some al fresco dining. 



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