Have you noticed that your garden furniture is starting to look a little tired? If so, it might be time to say goodbye to your old furniture and hello to some lovely new garden furniture pieces. If you’re feeling like your garden furniture might be on it’s way out then keep your eye on the following signs…

Dirt and stains

When you’re hosting guests for a BBQ or party, it’s inevitable that there will be a few spills and spoils. Whilst most stains can be cleared up quickly, if you’re starting to notice a lot of stains that have been around for a while, it might be time to treat yourself to that new lounger or garden bistro set you’ve had your eye on. Stains can also transfer easily onto your clothing and this is another reason it’s always smart to replace your garden furniture at this stage.


Has your favourite garden dining chair started to make a noise every time you sit on it? This is a tell tale sign that it’s time to replace your garden furniture. Creaking is an indicator that the foundations are weak and could break at any time. You don’t want to be playing chair roulette and so at this point it’s always best to start looking for a  more durable replacement. 

Rusting or rotting

Another key sign that it’s time to replace your garden furniture is if you can see visible evidence of rusting or rotting. If cared for correctly, it’s unusual to see signs of rusting or rotting on aluminium and rattan furniture, however, wooden furniture can be quite prone to rotting, particularly when exposed to moisture. Furniture that is showing signs of rot or rust can be unsafe to use and so should be replaced at this point. 

Chipped paint

If you own painted wooden furniture then you may have noticed the paint starting to flake off and wear away. This is a definite sign that it’s time to replace your garden furniture. When paint starts to chip away, it not only causes a mess but also shows that the wood is worn down. Due to this issue, we would always recommend investing in furniture made from durable materials such as rattan or aluminium that are naturally decorative but will not decay like painted wood. 

Lack of comfort

If you’re undecided about whether or not to replace your garden furniture, it’s worth thinking about how much you enjoy using your current furniture. Is it comfortable to sit on or do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable and wishing you were sitting on the sofa inside? If you don’t enjoy using your outdoor furniture, it’s definitely time to consider more comfortable options. 

Not your favourite style

If you’re looking to build your dream garden, your choice of furniture will play a big role. You don’t want tired or outdated looking pieces making your outdoor space look uninviting. Replacing your garden furniture with designs you love is a simple way to completely transform the look of the space and make it more welcoming. You don’t have to waste old, unwanted furniture, you can upcycle it into something beautiful, donate it to charity or sell it on. 

If you are looking to replace your garden furniture, always consider high quality options that you won’t have to spend money replacing any time soon. Inside Out Living has an extensive range of aluminium and rattan garden furniture that is built to last and suited to a range of modern and classic decor schemes. For more advice on purchasing your next set of outdoor furniture, take a look at our article on 6 common mistakes to avoid when buying garden furniture.



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