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With some enjoyable Indian summer temperatures forecasted for next week we thought why not wring the most out of good garden weather for this elongated season by providing some garden tips that’ll also extend nicely into the autumn and even winter. With outdoor dining furniture it can sometimes be a bit of a physical puzzle with how best to arrange or display in the space that’s readily available, not to mention how best to do so throughout the seasons. So, today we’re talking a short run through of just 5 great ideas that we’ve come across in how best to make the most out your garden dining furniture for now and the future.


# 1 –  Smaller Spaces Doesn’t Mean Less

When it comes to smaller garden spaces this doesn’t have to mean a compromise on your furniture options. With a staggering array of variety nowadays there is a size and fit for pretty much any space, so if it’s an irregular space that you’re trying to fill; fret not. A round outdoor dining table with compact garden dining chairs is so often a lovely space saving alternative to large clunkier square options, and it doesn’t have to compromise on style either. With modern styled options in classic feeling aluminium outdoor garden furniture there is so often little weight to these contemporary designs  – meaning it’s easy to set up and move around if necessary. The Hartman Berkeley 2 Seat Round Bistro Table is a perfect example of this. We love how the outdoor dining chairs come set with the weather resistant cushions, too.


# 2  – Protect Your Outdoor Dining Table & Chairs

It’s no secret that we’ve long upheld the importance and value of protecting outdoor dining furniture from the elements to best increase its longevity of life. Whilst not an outright necessity with synthetic rattan making up a good percentage of garden dining furniture  – (a material integrally resistant to the ravages of the climate), we know that further protection will only decrease the maintenance needed to upkeep it.  In short it will last you far longer. Through InsideOut Living you’re well served for protecting your outdoor dining chairs and tables with specific fitting heavy duty polyester covers, or indeed whole lounge sets  – again with climate resilient covers for specific items of furniture. Whilst we also recommend to get the most out of your cushions and protective lined cushion box is also the way to go.


# 3 – Bring Warmth and Shelter To the Outside

As with Spring the Autumn can too be a time of year to savour the garden, especially if there are certain things in place that combat any chill that creeps into the air. Firepits and heaters are a fantastic way to ensure outdoor dining furniture can still be used into this time of year, that with the addition of throws and well placed LED lights for when the light strains a little. And if showers are plaguing the forecast a Parasol can often have water resistant qualities inbuilt, certainly the range available through InsideOut Living showcase this versatile feature keeping your outdoor dining table and the seated nicely dry. Just head inside for anything torrential is our parting tip.


# 4 – Caring Properly For Your Outdoor Dining Furniture

As with anything that goes on to become that long loved fixture in your home just a little bit of TLC is in order to give it the fullest lengthiest life possible. Certainly, with garden dining furniture it’s even more important because it’s exposed firsthand to the elements. We do still stand by our above recommendation of using a protective cover or box to best increase the life of your outdoor dining table and chairs, however there’s measures and tricks to best care for your goods. Thankfully, we’ve gone into some great detail on a how-to-basis on what steps to take in caring for your outdoor dining furniture, whether aluminium, rattan or ceramic. Click on the below material to be taken to our handy guides.

Aluminium Care Tips

Rattan Care Tips

Ceramic Care Tips


# 5 – Outdoor Dining Furniture Made in to ‘Indoor’ Dining Furniture

Ok, so this tip is a little bit of an indoors meets outdoors tip but we think it’s still relevant in making the most out of your outdoor dining table and chair sets, and it’s simple if you have a conservatory. Yep, that’s it; move that furniture inside! Much modern garden dining furniture now comes in materials, shades and constructions so versatile that they will happily slide into the conservatory with minimal effort. In fact we have a section of outdoor dining chairs and tables that that will do just as well lapping up rays in the comfort of a conservatory as they would in the outdoors of your home, take a look here. So why not spend more time in the conservatory this year.

We hope these quick tips help you maximise your garden dining furniture month in month out. Please do tag us in your wonderful garden set ups on instagram, facebook and pinterest.



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