We appreciate these are unsettling and trying times for everybody, which is why our priority is keeping our staff safe and ensuring our customers are also fully protected and informed. We’re delivering as usual, however the following answers to common questions are aimed at putting your mind at ease during these testing days.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01173 322 689.


Q: Am I able to order online?

A: Absolutely, yes. You can still place orders through ioliving.co.uk and we are delivering as normal.

Q: My order shows as ‘pending’ – what will happen now?

A: We will still deliver it. Please first check in on the ‘My account’ function or contact our customer service team for the latest update on your order.

If you would rather hold off on the delivery, for now. Or delay it to suit your time frame simply log in to ‘My Account’ to see if this is possible or contact our Customer Service team.

Q: What precautions/measures does IO Living have in place to stop the spread of COVID 19? And how about your logistics partners?

A: We’re taking this situation and our hygiene practices very seriously, these fall rigorously in-line with all government/industry standards and advisories. We keep our customers, staff and logistics partners’ care and health as priority. Our warehouse hubs have stepped up their hygiene routines, washing hands even-more regularly, cleaning frequently and continuing use of protective gloves. Our logistics teams have been following similar protocols and we’re in continuous contact to pool ideas and developments around our practices. All of our logistics delivery teams, are actively operating an anti-invasive ‘no-contact’ delivery service and can refrain from coming into your homes.

Q: So, do you have a ‘no-contact’ delivery service right now?

A: Yes, all of our logistics partners have the ability to deliver with ‘no-contact’. Please ensure to add a note to your order when placing it, or clarify with our helpful Customer Service team to ensure your specific requirements are met.

Q: I’m self-isolating/quarantining at the moment. Can I still receive my delivery?

A: Absolutely, Yes. We’re happy to deliver as a ‘no-contact’ delivery and comply to your specific instructions, just let us know. Alternatively, if preferred we’re happy to hold off on delivering until your chosen day in the future. To do either of these just add a note to your order at check out, or to an existing order through ‘My Account’. Alternatively, we’re also happy to arrange this through our helpful Customer Service team.

Q: I’m self-isolating/quarantining am I still able to return my items and have them collected?

A : Yes, no problem. Just please tell us if you’re self-isolating/quarantining and we’ll happily have our partners do a ‘no-contact’ pick up. We’re also more flexible to extending our return times if needed, again just contact our Customer Service team to arrange this.

Q: Is it possible to change my delivery time/location?

A : Yes, in nearly all circumstances. Just contact our Customer Services team to arrange this.

Q: My order is a large 2-man delivery but I’m self-isolating/quarantining, what’s the process for this?

A: This process is as usual but if you would like to opt for ‘no-contact’ because your self isolating/quarantining please add a note to your order at check out, or to an existing order through ‘My Account’. Alternatively, we’re also happy to arrange this through our helpful Customer Service Team.

Q: Is your returns/exchange time frame changeable?

A : Yes, we pride ourselves on offering flexibility for our customers, always. In light of the current circumstances we’re very happy to offer extended return timelines to suit your needs, please just contact Customer Services Team to arrange a longer period.

Q: Are your Customer Services still operating?

A: Yes, completely. They will remain open as per the usual operating hours, Visit the Customer Services Page to find out these.



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