A tabletop fire pit is one of those rare and exciting products that only come around once every few years. The type of innovative, modern game-changing idea put into action so precisely and effectively that it will change your relationship with the home. The tabletop fire pit expertly falls into this category. Seriously, this will wholly change the way you use your garden. Bramblecrest manufactures some of the finest garden furniture and rattan patio furniture for the UK market, a real industry leader and will continue to be so. We’ll always stock Bramblecrest and with their extensive 2020 range, the brand just goes from strength to strength with the introduction of several new features and garden dining sets to get excited about, alongside familiar favourites. Specifically, one set sparked off our garden furniture ideas this year, the Bramblecrest Monterey Fire Pit Table Set with Square Table has become a firm favourite among our customers, and it’s easy to realise why. Today, we’re going to figuratively gather round and pleasingly warm our pinkies on the benefits of this furniture set. Read on to find out why it’s worthwhile investing in this fire pit garden furniture.

Extend Enjoyable Evenings

Bramblecrest Monterey Dining Full Set Wide ShotThe most obvious and key benefit of owning a tabletop fire pit is the ability to extend your evenings. This especially rings true at this time of year, where the days may (and have been) hitting the mid 20’s but the evenings considerably cool off, and quickly. Nobody enjoys that quick dip in temperature while trying to finish off that plate of delicious barbeque food or dessert. We also understand that more and more time is now spent inside the house lately, so outdoor space for many has become ever important. This is especially true into the evening hours, also. Perhaps, to help define a Saturday stay out in the garden a little longer once the kids have been put to bed, savour that glass of well-deserved vino. With a fire pit table, this is all too easy to savour. Create evenings to look back on fondly, gather round the warmth of the flickering centrepiece.

Create Spectacle, Hide The Spectacle

A tabletop fire pit is not only a source of inviting warmth it doubles as a central spectacle for your evening. It’s undeniable that open flames create a certain hypnotic display, supping on a favourite beverage and sitting with a loved one watching an open fire is always going to be a special moment shared. Bramblecrest’s fire pit garden furniture, of course, delivers the heat and showpiece, but it can just as easily stow away for full expansive use of the table’s surface. Simply detach the guard and slide on the flush lid. The gas canister of this fire pit table set is also stowed away neatly and out of sight below the table itself, accessed through a mini concealed door, the 4 glass shield panels can also be stowed here, as can the lid itself when the fire is in use.

Versatility & Resilience Is Key

Bramblecrest is renowned for fanning the flames of quality garden furniture ideas, providing stylish and hard-wearing pieces for outside the home. The Bramblerest Monterey fire pit table set is no exception, the innovative tabletop fire pit design in no-way compromises the elegance or style of the set. The same unwavering sleek finishes of rattan weave are used; a substance built to withstand the rigours of less desirable weather, boasting inherent water and UV resistance. The cushions also benefit from season proofing, so can repel light showers. Just store these cushions indoors for winter. Whilst the pleasing colour neutrality of the weave and cushions ensure this set can slide into many garden arrangements with ease.

Ceramic Finishings

A smooth and sleek ceramic table surface is somewhat of a showpiece in itself, naturally mark resistant and tastefully grained. The same is seen time and again across the whole Bramblecrest Monterey range. The tabletop fire pit sits elegantly in the centre of this table and lid covers it when not in use completely flush with this surface.

With the spring in full swing now and summer not far away we’re excited to provide you with the best options for inside and outside the home this 2020. If electing for this fire pit set, or purchasing any of our ranges, we would love to see how you’ve styled our products for the season ahead. Feel free to tag us on Instagram and use the tag #iolivinghomestyle, or share with us on Facebook and Pinterest.



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