If you’re thinking about investing in an oak dining table set but aren’t quite sure if it’s worth it then the following guide should help point you in the right direction. We think that investing in an oak dining table set is a great decision, but don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of oak furniture and the factors you may want to consider before investing in your very own oak dining table set. 

Built to last

Real oak wood furniture is more expensive than furniture made from cheaper wood such as pine. That being said, it will last you a lot longer making it a sensible long term investment. The sturdy nature of Oak makes it more difficult to move around, however that does make it a lot more resistant to general wear and tear. So much so in fact, that it is likely to stay in good condition long enough to be passed down from generation to generation. Known for being strong and durable, the weight bearing capacity of the wood makes it a popular choice for building the likes of wardrobes, bookcases and dining furniture sets. 

Easy to maintain 

When it comes to choosing a dining furniture set, it’s important to think about practicality. In spite of its premium quality, an oak dining table set is actually very easy to clean and maintain. Regular dusting will keep the oak healthy and you should also try to keep it away from damp areas and direct heat. Aware of the importance of functionality, many of our oak dining table sets, such as those found in the Modern Light Oak collection, feature a matt lacquer finish that adds another layer of protection and is easy to wipe clean. 


Oak furniture will never go out of fashion. It is always elegant in style and well suited to both modern and classic decor schemes. Although a more expensive investment than other wooden furniture, an oak dining table set will maintain its effortless style from generation to generation.


Oak is a lot more adaptable than you might think. It can be stained, painted and coated to create a diverse range of very different looking pieces of furniture. This makes it easy to find an oak dining table set that suits your decor scheme. At InsideOut Living, we have a diverse range of oak furniture collections, each with their own qualities. From the contemporary tone of our Matte Oak collection to the more classic feel of our Atlantic range, our oak furniture comes in an array of shades and styles to suit different home designs. 

What’s the conclusion?

As you can see, oak is an expensive investment and its sturdy nature can make it difficult to move about the home. That being said, an oak dining table set will last you a number of years meaning you’re guaranteed to make up any of the money that you initially invested. Although heavier, an oak dining table set is a lot more resistant to wear and tear, another reason it is so long lasting. Not to mention, it looks great… Oak dining furniture sets are available in a diverse range of designs to suit different decor schemes, all showing off the timeless elegance of this stunning wood. So really, what’s not to love?



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