As the finer weather has truly announced itself and continues to surprise us all, now more than ever our interests are collectively piqued to get the best out of our gardens. Today we’re going to take a stroll through just one of their collections that feature on Inside Out Living, the 2021 Kettler Palma collection. Crammed full of luxurious touches and functionality, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Kettler is a brand that understands the importance of craftsmanship, quality and exceptional style for the garden. They may be the newest brand in the Inside Out Living ranks but this by no means takes away from their exceedingly high-quality options for the outdoors and conservatories alike.

Garden Corner Sofa Sets – What’s New?

There are numerous new Kettler Palma Corner Sofa Sets to take into account, all with excellent unique offerings and functions to pick over. We’ve picked out just 3 of these and we’ll kick off with possibly the most unique of the bunch…

2021 Kettler Palma Low Lounge Corner Sofa Set

As its name suggests, this rattan garden sofa set is brought down a level for all maxed out lounging needs. The design features a purposely relaxed design with wide sofa seats at a shorter height, these are paired with exceptionally thick cushions. This set probably represents the most understated-casual option in the Kettler Palma catalogue. There are inventive touches too; the end seats can convert to become end tables, simply by removing the cushions they reveal the slat composite finish beneath, ideal for placing drinks or nibbles. The taupe cushions can, in turn, then be placed onto the coffee table to create a footstool or independent seating.


2021 Kettler Palma Mini Set With Corner Sofa & Fire Pit

A fantastic option for those with limited space to play with, this Kettler Fire Pit table set will warm you and your guests this year. The whitewash rattan finish, as seen through this entire collection, is a lovely neutral tone that will surely slide into many outdoor themes with ease. As with all rattan weave, it is integrally built for life outdoors in being resistant to moisture. This smaller corner set still accommodates an impressive 6 people. We think this outdoor firepit set will be a hit for many this year.

2021 Kettler Palma Grande Fire Pit Casual Garden Dining Corner Sofa Set.

This garden sofa set marks another warming example in the range, this time with a larger ‘Grande’ scale corner sofa unit with a crucial bend section. The arched sofa section of the 2021 Kettler Grande Fire Pit Garden Dining Set means space isn’t lost – somebody can sit here without uncomfortably clunking knees together, as is often the case with right-angled sections. Together with the armchair and bench, this set impressively seats 8 people, which makes this the highest occupancy sofa set in the 2021 Kettler Palma range. Ideal for larger spaces and those wishing to host larger numbers. It could easily be added to with additional seating also. The same appealing whitewash rattan is found with those comfortable plump Palma cushions to sink into. The fire pit is surrounded by a slat ‘wood’ like composite, durable and tactile.


Kettler Palma Luxe – A New Chapter For 2021

The Kettler sofa range expands further this year with the exciting introduction of the ‘Palma Luxe’, a sub-range of luxurious, and altogether more opulent, garden furniture.

2021 Kettler Palma Luxe 3-Seater Sofa With 2 Armchairs & Coffee Table Set

Kettler garden furniture is renowned for offering supreme comfort and luxurious touches, so it’s remarkable that they’ve managed to elevate things further to produce an even more refined and relaxing sitting experience. With the 2021 Kettler Palma Luxe 3-Seater garden furniture set, you’ll find exceptionally deep seats with oversize plumped cushions, boasting an inner foam core of 5cm. It goes without saying comfort is paramount on this set. The coffee table also comes with a hollowed-out inner for placing magazines or garden essentials.


2021 Kettler Palma Luxe 2-Seater Sofa With 2 Armchairs & Coffee Table Set

This garden furniture set is the scaled-back version of the 3-seater, although saying that there really is nothing scaled back about it. This sizeable sofa feels like it could swallow a person whole into its soft inviting centre, we’re feeling all warm and fuzzy just writing this. Find the same luxe touches including thick band armrests on the stately armchairs.

2021 Kettler Palma Duo Relaxer Set With Table

Technically not a new set for this year but one that was added to the range later on last year so, in our eyes, it deserves some coverage. The 2021 Kettler Palma Duo Relaxer Set with Table achieves laid out relaxation in a wonderfully small package. With an inbuilt footrest that’s really substantial and elevates with the pull of the lever on the chairs’ sides, the reclining backs also follow suit. Blissed out aperitifs and cocktails are heavily encouraged. The included side table ensures these will be at an easy reach. The same whitewash rattan touches with soft plump Palma cushions are to be found.


We think the 2021 Kettler Palma range has something for every garden, with both functional and lavish details to savour, it’s easy to see why this distinguished brand keeps impressing year on year. Be sure to share your garden arrangements that feature Inside Out Living furniture. In fact, by tagging us on Instagram with your purchase and using the hashtag #mioliving you could win a £100 gift card in our monthly competition!



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