Purchasing new indoor furniture and outdoor furniture is an exciting ordeal for everyone (even those who may not be interested in interior design.) However, purchasing new furniture often comes with the burden of having to find what to do with unwanted furniture. You’ll be glad to know that there are alternatives to simply throwing your once loved furniture away.

Donate Furniture To Charity

There are thousands of extremely grateful charities all across the country that welcome your furniture that is no longer needed. Charity furniture shops sell all of your furniture for a very reasonable price and of course donate all of the proceeds to charity. Why not take the time to research a few charity furniture shops in your local area and decide which charity supports a cause that is close to your heart.

Some of the larger charities such as the British Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Habitat For Humanity, and Furniture Bank Network offer a furniture removal service. They will come to your home to collect your furniture when you may not be able to bring it into the charity furniture shop yourself. This is definitely something to consider if you do not have the transport facilities to deliver the furniture, or you are unable to move the furniture on your own – depending on what the item may be.

Upcycle And Sell On

If you are feeling thrifty, there are some excellent ways to upcycle your furniture and sell it on for a profit, which you could even put towards your new furniture. Upcycling may seem like a huge task but in reality, it could only be a few hours work and you can yield a hefty profit and a massive sense of personal satisfaction! If you are new to upcycling, InsideOut Living has a few tips and tricks that can help you along the way.

Reuse In Another Area Of Your Home

When wondering what to do with unwanted furniture, one of the most commonly overlooked solutions is to keep it! It may not work well in one area of your home, but why not see if it would suit another area and give it a new lease on life. Sideboards can work well in any area of the home, from extra storage in the hallway to a stylish TV stand in the bedroom. Before simply getting rid of any furniture, have a think about where else in your home may be lacking in storage or could do with the space being transformed. Not only are you reusing your furniture, but you are also making another area of your home feel fresh and new.

Eco-Friendly Furniture Disposal

If your indoor furniture really has seen better days and donating, upcycling or reusing is not an option for you, disposing of it in an eco-friendly way. You can take your preloved furniture to the local tip and they will dispose of your furniture in an eco-friendly way and ensure that there will be limited damage to the environment.



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