It’s no wonder those precious minutes, or even hours can slip past whilst browsing for your perfect outdoor dining table, with such an array of options with various designs to consider it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is precisely why we’ve stepped up to the plate, notable, to serve our take on the best materials for your prospective garden dining table. So, fret no more and take a breeze through our findings below.

Ceramic-Topped Tables With Rattan Weave Base

Close Up Of Bramblecrest Monterey 3 Seat Sofa Set With Ceramic Dining Table & ArmchairsThis combination tends to top the popularity stakes time and again, and it’s likely due to the versatility, aesthetic and function that it offers. With rattan weave, your garden dining table set is guaranteed to hold up against the elements. See, this synthetic wicker is built from fibres that are integrally repellent to moisture and therefore the elements. Furniture made using synthetic rattan is completely fine to leave out year-round to deal with the ‘variable’ conditions, (to put it nicely), that the British and Irish climates can throw at it. What’s more is that this versatile material is more often than not available in lovely complimentary neutral hues and textures, ranging from smooth weave and wider fibres – it’s all a preference choice in which would best suit your garden’s palette and style.

So, get creative and take time to find the perfect match. We think the rattan tones that run through both the Bramblecrest Monterey and Kettler Palma ranges are always pleasingly earthy yet never overbearing. What is for certain is that if choosing a rattan base for your outdoor dining table quality is assured. All rattan base tables available through Inside Out Living are tightly bound around powder-coated aluminium frames. These frames are lightweight, so furniture can be easily moved and configured according to your desire, yet are also incredibly strong and durable.

Ceramic tops fitted onto garden dining table sets have really seen a renewal in interest in recent seasons and this continues into 2021 with many options now adorning our favourite shaped tables. The beauty of this material is easy to realise, and there are several versions out there ranging from polished glass-ceramics to buffed and textured. What may appeal with a ceramic top is the lovely pigmentation and variances in the finish, we think ceramics such as those found on outdoor dining tables in the Bramblcrest Monterey range will suit courtyards, patios and modern gardens alike. Furthermore, it’s not all surface-level appearance, a ceramic table offers excellent durability against marking and spillages, simply wipe clean or buff. There’s many to consider and some may prefer a ceramic topped garden dining table with a recessed sunken finish. The combination of both rattan and ceramic is enduring and makes sense if you’re after durability and looks.

Glass-Topped Garden Tables

2 long, thin trays Of Strawberries on a 2021 Bramblecrest Monterey 6 Seat Garden Dining Table With Lazy SusanTo many, the glass-topped outdoor dining table is seen as the quintessential piece of garden furniture. It’s an excellent option if neutrality and ease of placement are a concern. Frequently when choosing this material topped table, there’s less matching and pairing as opposed to ceramics, often the translucent nature of the surface will take on the colour of the rattan table base. On some occasions, a tint is given for style to glass tops, which is another preference with this type of garden dining set. 99 times out of a hundred, the glass top dining table is always paired with rattan bases, it continues to be an undisputed good looking pairing. See the Kettler Charlbury Garden Bistro Set for a perfect example of this.

As ever though, it’s not all style and looks. Modern glass table tops offer just as much durability as their ceramic counterparts, possessing anti marking properties and extremely easy wipe-clean maintenance. Plus these surfaces are often tempered to resist the ravages from frost and harsher elements. Many brands offer ranges with glass top options that are recessed into place, giving a stylistic border to the table, the Bramblecrest Monterey 6 Seat Round Dining Set is one notable option that has remained popular over the years, as has the whole range. Glass topped tables may suit your space if food and drink spillages and longevity of use are your main concern, visually also they will always retain their looks.

Cast Aluminium Dining Table

2021 Hartman Berkeley 8 Seater Oval Garden Dining Table Set - Bronze/AmberCast aluminium is one of the most enduringly popular materials when it comes to garden furniture, which makes cast aluminium outdoor dining tables something of a classic. Please purge the thought of Grandma’s clunky old dust collector, contemporary cast aluminium garden furniture has been completely updated for modern use both functionally and stylistically.

Firstly, the clear benefit of choosing cast aluminium is that, unlike many other common metals, it does not rust and is easy to maintain (as you can see from our aluminium furniture care guide). Secondly, the style of these tables continues to tick boxes in many gardens and patios stylistically – lattice and florals are ever-popular designs. That said, if those bring unwanted old-timey aesthetics to mind, you don’t need to worry. Cast aluminium garden furniture been updated for the modern-day through garden furniture ranges such as the Hartman Berkeley collection.

It’s worth taking a moment to consider the weight of this type of garden dining table. Admittedly, yes, it’s heavier than rattan options, but the amount of material used to make contemporary cast aluminium garden furniture has been scaled back, at no cost to structural integrity, so they are easier to move about your space.

Slat Top Tables

2021 Kettler Palma Casual Garden Dining Corner Sofa Set With Slat Table – WhitewashSlat top tables may be the choice for your outdoor dining table, this emerging material is a great alternative to the ceramics found in ranges such as the Bramblecrest Monterey and Hartman Heritage. Instead, the highly textured finish of this composite, to be found primarily on the Kettler Palma range, proves heavily durable. Not only resistant to weather and years of use it’s a more dulled finish, with no chance of sun glint, but that may also prove the best fit for your space. The linear wood-like appearance of the slat panels may also suit your outdoors, generating a more classic feeling look.

So, Which Outdoor Dining Table Material Is Best For My Garden?

In essence, this delve into different garden dining table sets and their materials is here to help you decide, rather than dictate. These suggestions ought to help you in choosing your ideal table, but ultimately use your outdoor space and your needs as the key deciding factors. There’s plenty of outdoor dining tables to dwell over but we hope the above can help make your mind up.



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