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We’ve all found ourselves there, gawping down the barrel of a computer screen, trying to figure out exactly how to choose that perfect wedding gift. You’ve had months to plan this, but seemingly the opportune present just isn’t quite coming together. You’re now two weeks away from their special day, having a keyboard scramble through bizarre and far flung webpages on corners of the internet you’d thought you’d never venture. We get it, you don’t want to choose something too obvious, too traditional, too insincere or simply too meh. You also have a budget you’re working within. Most importantly it has to speak to your relationship with the couple, it needs to be the embodiment of that sentiment. Yikes, it’s no wonder you’re spinning yourself in circles.

Little known fact – InsideOut Living is your new best friend for such wedding gift conundrums. Whilst carefully picking an assortment of indoor accessories and décor in the back of our mind was this very puzzle. Our ever expanding array of decorative pieces and sleek utilities are going from strength to strength. So, let us take you through our current top 5 picks for wedding gift season.


  1. Aurora Metallic Vase (Large), £57.

We are in love with this vase, it speaks to all the right cornerstones of style. Unambiguous yet unique, materially speaking gritty and industrial (worked metal), yet its rounded asymmetrical shape and two tone colouring means it possesses a certain playful nature. The same bronze colour is its underlayer, shown through a natural etched away effect that’s visible through the corrugated texture. The floral style opening gives the vase a shell like quality. It would sit elegantly on a console table, similarly it could compliment a tall side table or as a focal point of a coffee table. The neutral colouring means it won’t be a gamble for many home décor palattes.  

To view click product title or here: https://www.ioliving.co.uk/products/aurora-metallic-vase-large


  1. Bowerbird Silver Etched Handmade Wooden Trinket Box (Large), £35.

‘Beware: handcrafted, minor variations may be apparent’.  Rarely EVER in our opinion is this a downside. No one box is the same, we believe that can only be a bonus. Artisanal crafted goods are all the better when proudly displaying their minute and unique differences. This wooden trinket box makes an elegant present, well suited for storing jewellery or valuables. A tasteful mango wood grain is artfully offset by the intricate metallic lid design. Calm colour pairing ensures it will be a perfect wedding gift. It’s also available in a smaller size for £29.

To view click product title or here: https://www.ioliving.co.uk/products/bowerbird-trinket-box-silver-etched-design-large


  1. Kensington Townhouse Candle Holder 3 Light Glass / Metal Base, £46

So, your friends are the type of people who might threaten to break off the friendship indefinitely if you ever bring dog hair into their pristine home again. They have designated dusting shifts and three welcome mats before entry. They know their style; trim, clean lines, polished and stately. We think this would be the perfect addition to their home. It holds three candles creating ample ambient lighting for dinner parties.

To view click product title or here: https://www.ioliving.co.uk/products/kensington-townhouse-candle-holder-3-light-glass-metal-base 


  1. Bowerbird 5×7 and 4×6 Photo Frames Silver Etched Design, £25 & £23

Ok, technically a two in one listing. We’re of the school of thought that a pair of these Bowerbird Silver Etched Photo Frames would constitute a thoughtful and memorable wedding gift. The intricate design, similar to the trinket box, is handmade and therefore lovingly crafted with variations between each model. The silver etched design is a flexible shade which means it should fit nicely into different home stylings. To really add that sentimental and personal touch add some meaningful photos or art before gifting.

To view click product title or here: https://www.ioliving.co.uk/products/bowerbird-5×7-photo-frame-silver-etched-design


  1. Glass Voltive, Blue, Green, £9 each.

Lighting options tend not to fail the wedding gift litmus test, we find. We simply love the aesthetic of these Voltive candle holders and together as a pair they could provide a touching small gift. The acorn ridge glasswork texturing adds an interesting but classic allure, brought to life by either tealight or smaller candle. A majestic addition to a sideboard or table.

To view click product title or here: https://www.ioliving.co.uk/products/glass-voltive

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