It’s easy to be caught up in the web and tangle of the day to day, especially lately for obvious reasons. We think it’s therefore more important than ever to stop and take a second to appreciate the tranquility of the home. We’ve certainly been busy gathering a raft of new offerings for the indoors of your homes, but today we can sit steady, if only for a second. Because today we’re unveiling our newest solid oak furniture range for your perusal, and we couldn’t be more excited! Especially because we think it has all the cool, calming qualities we could all do with a dose of right now. Introducing the beautiful Nordic inspired Kitsilano Dining Range.


Kitsilano 2.2m extendable solid oak dining table dark brown with 3 plant pots on in farmhouse room


Solid Oak Dining Tables of Style

It’s all about style at no expense to function with this newest range, let us take you through a look through the fine features and details you can come to expect with this Nordic furniture range.


Table Tops Fit For Any Modern Dining Room

close up of Kitsilano table- whitewash with potted plants onThe wonderful thing about the Kitsilano range is its dedication to using gorgeous solid oak surfaces. These exquisite oak finishes are lacquered in two trademark shades. Firstly, the whitewash natural oak colour is sure to fit into many homes, a pale grain with hints of grey and milky washed out tones. The lacquer seals in the quality and ensures against the wear of day to day use. We think this shade of solid oak furniture is perhaps the most representative of traditional scandi furniture and therefore will slide into homes all the easier. Secondly, there’s the moody and sultry dark oak lacquer solid oak dining table, a smokey shade that’s typified by a deep brown grain and has been brushed and lovingly smoothed to give a tactile appearance and touch. This tone would look lovely in many surroundings but definitely leans into farmhouse styled kitchens or dining rooms too, we feel. Both table shades benefit from a finger jointed interlocking surface, similar to how parquet flooring works, where the solid oak panels lock together to create a pleasing varied kind of patchwork effect. We’re seriously into it, and think you will be too.


Two Sizes Built to Extend

Brunswick black dining chairs next to Kitsilano 2.2m dining table dark brownThe versatility of this solid oak furniture doesn’t just start and end with the shade differences. We’ve ensured there’s two different lengths to choose from, the 1.7 metre and the 2.2 metre. The more compact table is ideal for apartments or dining rooms/kitchens that don’t have a ton of space to play with, as is it will seat 6 at capacity. The 2.2 metre Kitsilano solid oak dining tables are great for families or frequent hosting, and will fit 8 people at a capacity squeeze. If the numbers are still feeling a bit weak for this scandi furniture fret not! These tables can very easily be extended with thr Kitsilano Extension leaf, which ever so easily slots into the ends and represents an exact surface match of the solid oak furniture. Each leaf will add two diners, typically. So a 2.2 metre Kitsilano table with 2 leafs will cram in a whopping 12 diners (maybe more if you don’t mind elbow grazing!)


Nordic Furniture is Pure Style

There’s no two ways about it, Scandinavian styled furniture has long been a beacon of irrepressible home style and we think the Kitsilano Dining Range really suits a modern dinning room. There’s sleek purposely slimmed down surfaces to savour, tapered legs to enjoy and an elegant ballast bar binding the tables together pleasingly.


Dining Sets and Brunswick Dining Seats

left angle view of Kitsilano 1.7m extendable solid oak dining table-whitewash with 3 plant pots on in farmhouse roomWe’ve also created an ensemble supporting seating cast alongside the wonderful Kitsilano solid oak dining table, with the addition of the slender and classic feeling Brunswick chairs and benches. A modern take on a traditional Windsor design so effortlessly pairs with these tables, it felt amiss to not get them together. There’s the 3 tones to choose from in the chair and 2 for the bench. These appealing tones really give that pop of bright and breezy colour where needed, or alternatively use the black to trim down the pomp. Each chair or bench is lacquer coated for quality. There’s also pre-determined dining sets to check out, which benefit from an inbuilt 10% saving, each has a unique arrangement of chairs/bench but there’s also a possibility to mix and match Brunswick chair colours to make your dream set – get in contact with our customer care team to discuss this opportunity!

Can you tell we’re enamoured with this new solid oak furniture collection!? We hope you’ll enjoy this sleek Nordic furniture too.


Kitsilano 1.7m extendable solid oak dining table-whitewash with black bench and 3 chairs surrounding


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