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There’s no way of getting around the fact these recent strange times have served up challenges for all, and for most it has meant far more time spent at home. Perhaps you find yourself sitting in your living room, with more time on your hands, and subconsciously reassessing your decor, thinking of the next project to embark on. Maybe some of you have already bitten that bullet and pressed on with making some interior changes. Well, this time around we’re going to delve into some home interior ideas to help stimulate those diy ideas; we’re going to mull over some interior design styles and room design ideas that will hopefully inspire those among us keen for that home spruce up. Whilst in a true home project spirit our aim is to keep things affordable and to be as inventive as possible, but always keeping style at the forefront of affairs.


Get organised – Create a floor plan and timeline goals

There’s nothing quite like getting stuck into a new project but then getting so swept away with it that you’re not entirely sure where three months has disappeared to, or the opposite with getting started and never quite getting those finishing touches into place. A half painted wall or partially assembled new piece of furniture sitting there taunting you. We know because we’ve been there too. All good home interior ideas should really be put into practice with a solid foundation – a plan. Depending on how vast your project is your room design ideas may extend across multiple spaces, creating a rough floor plan is a great way of really getting to grips with the mechanics of how your new renovations will work with each different component. It doesn’t need to be a professional diagram, more a sketch to give structure to your ideas. Go birds eye for simplicity and get creative. For best results then try and apply a basic timeline. Set some key goals on specific dates and watch your home interior ideas take physical shape before your eyes and deliver that warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction. There’s no feeling like nailing a deadline.


Before going all out on diy ideas – Rearranging might do the trick

Interior design styles take many shapes and forms. Often our first thoughts can be to begin from a blank canvas and start over, regenerate and overhaul. However, sometimes this may just not be practical with the rigours of life and responsibilities. Sometimes it’s good to work with what you’ve got. Which is why we think rearranging can be one of those great refreshing room home interior ideas. Feng Shui is the name of the game and honestly sometimes it’s all a room may need to bring it back to life, there is a release of visual energy in renewing one’s space and simply rearranging furnishings can definitely scratch that itch. Whilst in a spiritual sense it can even soothe and reinvigorate the self, new surroundings – new beginnings. Meanwhile the best thing about it is – it’s totally free!



Intriguing interior design ideas – Upcycle!

Another idea not too far removed from the last is the art of the Upcycle. For those wondering what this strange word refers to, it’s the craft of reinvigorating some older pieces of furniture/fixtures with well executed creative flare. Fantastic examples of these inventive room design ideas could be old dressers or cupboards, the wood may have seen better days, simply by inserting some interesting colourful or patterned wallpaper to some of the panels can work wonders. Varnish the wood too, use any well rated wood varnish, and voila, the combination may just be the lift required. Another one of those home interior ideas we’ve always latched onto is the use of old unused wooden ladders. You know the types, paint splattered and a bit shabby. Well, this rejuvenating makeover is one of the interior design styles that breathes a new lease of life into the old, again apply varnish or paint the ladder and then lean as needed against a desired part of wall, and then use to display your favourite throws. These ladder diy ideas are varied too, in the case of an old A-frame wooden ladder, once varnished these can work really well as stylish stand alone shelving units.


Put up a shelf

This is one of those home interior ideas that sounds a little overly simple, well that’s because it really is that straight forward. The positives of putting a well placed shelf or set of shelves on a lonely solitary wall really can just breathe that little bit of colour and substance into a room. We’ve noticed numerous interior design styles with a focal point as a wall shelf, often with various well chosen trinkets, house plants or books to add texture and variation to a space. Or make personal to you and your home with some framed pictures of loved ones, memories or travels.


Glassware lifts the space

We’ve long been admirers of the near magical positive effect of well placed glassware in the home. This is one of those home room design ideas that flourishes from a keen eye for trinkets and delicacies, but also a knack for repurposing the old can do the Kensington Townhouse Candle Holder Glass / Silver Smalltrick too. A well placed vase, voltive or ornament in full exposure to a window can amplify the calming lighting from direct sunlight, refracting and redirecting shards of sunlight, similarly next to an artificial light source the same can be achieved. Light in the home is always welcome and with wisely coordinated glassware natural light can shine to parts of a usually darker room. Just as reinvigorating is the exercise of adding some simple florals to a glass vase or ornament to lift the space, further.





This round up has been energising for us to write and think over for our own space and our own projects. We hope the home interior ideas we’ve touched on can help spark your diy ideas during these times. Please do share your wonderful home revamps with us by continuing to tag us on instagram using the tag #iolivinghomestlye .



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