We get it. Gold is a metal to be harnessed not abused. Loved not masqueraded. Nurtured not overused. In the interior design space, gold can easily be a victim of its own success, too much and you’ve achieved that brassy and brash overboard aesthetic of overindulgence or sheer visual glutton. Yuck! Nobody likes that unless, of course, your go-to home stylists are Scrooge McDuck or Carmela Soprano. However, used just in the right doses, and in the right context gold does absolute wonders to a living space. Gold home accessories used sparingly and with a measure of restraint and an eye for detail can wholly lift many home décor palettes. 

A delicate balance needs to be found in successfully using gold décor for your own space. Now, we’re not experts by any stretch of the imagination but would like to think ourselves having been around the interior design block a few times, enough to pick up some substantial basics. So, it is with humble pleasure that we’ve gathered some go-to fundamentals for using gold home accessories to effectively add that luxury touch to your living space.


Stick to basics but be playful

Similar to how you may approach your personal outfitting home décor is also a layering game. Start with establishing a base palette of two colours, three if the theme necessitates it. Then furnish with large basics – dominant furniture, flooring or carpet/rugs. Add befitting smaller furnishings, utility items and tech, it goes without saying stay in theme. Then finally add in the design touches, functional details, decorative ornaments, art, trinkets and accessories. In other words, gold décor should generally be sprinkled into the recipe last, and with gold home accessories, it’s best to be playful and sparing with their placement.

When using it in your home get creative with your buying and placement, small touches executed fabulously work best we feel. The Large Gold Handcrafted Honeycomb Vase would be one example of deft design pulled off exceptionally, golden detailing is etched away from the honeycomb edges making it irresistibly interesting but yet subtle. Moreover, the entire gold honeycomb range is a tasteful and exciting prospect to savour. Or there is the frosted glint of this Gold Decorative Bowl, hiding in its interior the sumptuous rich glare of a golden dusk, but stylishly shrouded by an outer sibling metallic silver, in a matt texture. Place either of these on a bookcase or console table, interior palette allowing, and we think it’ll perfectly add a nuance of luxe to your home décor.


Move in line with seasons

Gold home accessories should be savoured all year round, but not at a cost to staleness. We’re of the flexi-mindset to encourage a wind of change for each season in our homes, catering to the season on your own terms is a wonderful way to keep your home feeling fresh. Gold décor can play a helpful and tantalising part in seasonal switch-ups. We think that come winter why not bring your gold home accessories down to waist level or below, perhaps onto the lower reaches of a bookshelf or front and centre into the middle of the coffee table. The thinking here is that visually the piece will radiate a warming and reassuring glow but at a comfortable sitting level, visually heating your home décor. Face it you’ll be huddling into that sofa away from the elements come those nippier winter months, in need of some extra warmth. We think this Trio of Gold Voltive Candleholders are just the golden ticket to create that cosier-months twinkle, simple yet beautiful. Brrr, we’re already reaching for the Horlicks and pre-planning our throw choices just thinking about it!

Come the spring and summer months we’re solidly of the preference to give our gold décor a bump up to higher stature, elevating your gold will allow sunlight to reach it more easily, and they’ll happily glint and gleen in those afternoon rays. Sometimes it’s all about finding that one show stopping piece, a conversation article, such as this beautiful Gold Cheeseplant Sculpture, it’s no secret here at Inside Out Living we have a penchant for cheese plants, whether real or cast in plated gold. The warmer months certainly allow enough daylight and sunshine to showcase such gold home accessories. Put at standing eye-level on a shelf, bookcase or mantlepiece will undoubtedly suit such an assertive sculpture. Similarly we think the same could apply to the use of this Gold Ceramic Pot for Succulents, complete with some lifelike faux plantlife to offset the brightness from the planter.


Two Tone Home

Struggling to convince yourselves to go for that gold all over item? Unsure on the virtues of the out and out gold piece? It’s ok to feel that way! We understand it can be quite the step into the unknown dicing with gold décor. Which is why the entry point or dialled down option for many comes in the form and shape of two-tone gold home accessories. Something which subtly calls out the luxury, but will give you room to play the level of lavish up or down. We’re infatuated with the sleek and modern porcelain Stellar Vase Range, a set of distinctive but incredibly tasteful ornaments. Select either a muted Dark Grey and Gold or a celebratory White and Gold both versions gracefully offer a split colour appearance which we think will fit many home décor plans. Available in the sleeker large size or more rotund small, they’ll work nicely with autumnal sprigs or yellow florals too, alternatively just as a stand alone item.


No Half Measures

There’s something to be said about having that one item that will simply wow the room, create a focal magnetism that’ll attract the right amount of attention. In regards to using gold accessories in styling your home this is definitely a notion that is alive and well, and if undertaken correctly can work with the right home décor combinations. For example, if your space is one with airy light and bright walls and furnishings we think this Smith Round Mirror is the perfect showstopper to hang. A thin band of glimmer wraps itself tidily around the circular, meaning it is understated but at the same time acts as a perfect central piece for a living room. If your home has a more muted shade, darker marines and greys or perhaps tones of wood and musk play a large role we think this Blue and Gold Agate Table is simply an irresistible proposition. The elegant and rich coloured precious stone forms the tabletop and really performs in introducing that extra pop of colour into your space. It’s certainly one of the most striking pieces of furniture we stock.


We’re busy working picking out plenty more quality indoor goods and furnishings to bring you very soon but for the meantime, we have a healthy selection of gold accessories to feast your eyes upon.



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